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The art of being hard to get at Cecilie Copenhagen

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About Cecilie Copenhagen

Cecilie Copenhagen was created in 2011, after a night that started with a severe clothing crisis. As a solution, Designer Cecilie Jørgensen made a tunic out of two scarfs, and in the following days, her inbox was filled with requests of where to purchase the design. The overwhelming interest encouraged Cecilie Jørgensen to create Cecilie Copenhagen.

The brand rapidly gained massive followers and since then, the collections have expanded into several styles, always including the iconic fabric with a laid-back Scandinavian design.

Keeping up with the demand

The growth the brand experienced from the beginning sat the expectations very high. We talked with Jakob Mernøe, Head of Sales, and Amanda Hee, Design & Production, about how they plan to keep up with the increasing demand while maintaining high quality. Their answer was straightforward: “There’s no need to rush things – of course, it’s important to stay in the loop, but we have a big focus on delivering our products in a quality that we can vouch for. It’s all about an efficient setup, a good production, and a good team.”

High-quality with unique positioning

In most circumstances, small companies lack the right weight and stamina that makes them withstand the constant pressure from the retail industry. In the case of Cecilie Copenhagen, the pressure has not changed or derailed the original intentions with the brand. While other companies seek to expand their collections and design, Cecilie Copenhagen chose a different strategy from the very beginning.

“The demands are getting higher and higher, and the industry is requiring more and more. Right now, it’s all about keeping up the pace and being able to deliver. Our main strategy hasn’t changed.” – Jakob explains and continues: “It was a decision we made from the very beginning. As a small brand/startup business, you’re limited in a lot of ways including marketing and positioning yourself on the market. Deciding where you place your brand and which stores you choose to showcase your designs, has an extremely high signal value. For us, being selective with our retailers has been a very conscious decision, that ensures that we can place our company exactly where we want to, within the market.” – he concludes.

With Delogue, we grow closer to reaching our goal in that the platform makes our every day easier, more accessible and gives us the ideal communication. – Jakob and Amanda from Cecilie Copenhagen.

Growing towards a global scene

Having the freedom to enforce a selective strategy and refusing to compromise the quality and design in high-pressure situations, requires structure and communication. For Cecilie Copenhagen, these points are vital in order to grow their business further.

“We have been working globally more or less since the very first day. Our goal for the future is to build on top of the brand we already successfully built, and make it a strong and even more global brand within the fashion industry. Furthermore, we want to grow as a company and are currently working on what possibilities we have for distributing without compromising our values.” – Jakob and Amanda explain.

A transparent process through communication

Being a big player in the global market means that a company is prepared to make their processes simple and efficient through a well-functioning communication. A strong communication all the way from design to supplier makes the entire process far more transparent for all parties.

Jakob and Amanda are very aware of this fact, and in their daily work they make sure to use the right tools to perfect this process: “With Delogue, we grow closer to reaching our goal in that the platform makes our every day easier, more accessible and gives us the ideal communication. We actually use Delogue for most things: from creating collections to communicating with our suppliers to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes. When it comes down to it, communication is one of the most important things we can do, in order to come up with a product that in the end, we can be proud to put our name on.”

Cecilie Copenhagen is where it is today because of the tenacity they brought from the start. Now that the brand is well established, the big challenge lies in being able to keep up the pace without compromising the quality and their unique position in the global market.

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