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The value of information to create the finest wool products - Lillelam case story

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Their passion for wool is contagious and so it is their desire to communicate more effectively to deliver the best quality possible. We talked with Mona Gangnæs from Lillelam about current challenges and how the brand will use Delogue to take their products to the next level.

About Lillelam

Lillelam is a Norwegian brand established in 2004 by two mothers who wished for more woolen clothes for their little ones. They wanted fine and soft wool products that were both functional and beautiful. The result was Lillelam, a children’s wear brand with the best quality wool.

The concept is based on the latest technology that makes garments washable without a scratch nor shrink – the so-called “superwash wool”. Without synthetic touches, the wool retains its durability and lanolin content that makes the garment both self-cleaning and low in flammability.

Lillelam guarantees the best quality of merino wool providing wonderful softness and a unique wear resistance of all pieces. Therefore, all the production is carefully selected with focus on quality and environmentally friendly processes. This is also part of the brand vision and goal to keep all children warm and comfortable in woolen clothes made with love and produced in a sustainable and ethical manner.

All products are tested and certified to assure that Lillelam delivers the highest quality merino wool on the market. In their certification list, we find Oeko-tex, Woolmark, NICE (Nordic Initiative Clean & Ethical) and Mulesing. Read more about each certification here.

You can shop Lillelam’s delightful designs on their webshop and in several retail shops across Norway and Sweden.

The Norwegian brand joined forces with Delogue to manage their product information effectively when expanding to new markets. Mona Gangnæs, Production Manager and Designer at Lillelam, shared a few words with us about the company process and current challenges.

Delogue is definitely the right platform for us – there are so many options and details to gather under the same style, which is wonderful. – Mona Gangnæs, Production Manager/Designer at Lillelam.

The value of information to create the finest wool products

We first spoke with Mona about the reason why the company started looking for a product development tool. She explained that as the brand expands, the number of responsibilities and collections increases significantly, creating the need to align all business aspects:

“As our team and our business are growing, we needed to get our information in order. There was just too many excel files placed on different servers, too many different versions of MMT’s and a huge amount of emails to go through in order to find answers. So, when we got presented to Delogue, we felt it would help us with these challenges.” – Mona clarifies.

The Production Manager and Designer also mentioned the importance of information for a brand like Lillelam where quality is more than a buzzword. So, finding a tool that could support their vision and help streamline internal and external communication was a top priority for the company.

Then we asked, why Delogue, to which Mona quickly answered: “Delogue is definitely the right platform for us – there are so many options and details to gather under the same style, which is wonderful.”

We couldn’t end without asking about the future and what she expects to achieve with Delogue: “More effective workdays, less misunderstandings, easier for colleagues to step in when all information is in one place, better communication with suppliers and easier to bring work with us wherever we are.” – she concludes.

Thank you Mona, Lillelam and welcome to Delogue!

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