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Finding product information has never been easier - Sebra Interiør case story

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Bianca Hegedus
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Sebra Interiør said “yes” to Delogue to optimize their product development strategy. This means, finding product information quickly and communicating with suppliers at every step of the process to promote transparency.

About Sebra Interiør

Sebra Interiør is a children’s interior design brand founded by Mia Dela in 2004. Mia worked several years as a designer and started Sebra when she first became a mom. The lack of beautiful, yet functional, products encouraged her to create a brand with focus on safety and high-quality accessories for all children.

Sebra’s designs are a combination of unique and handcrafted products made from authentic materials, such as wood, wool, and organic cotton. Everything begins with a pencil and a piece of paper. Ideas and sketches come to life during the design process where a passionate team of designers and parents continuously discuss, evaluate and improve potential concepts. This iterative process allows the brand to create meaningful and tailor-made products for their customers. Their product range includes furniture, lighting, textiles, tableware, and toys – all filled with joy.

As a company, Sebra stands for passion, respect, innovation, and diversity. These core values are the base of the brand mission and vision: to be a responsible company, socially and environmentally, who supports local and sustainable initiatives. We also believe in these values and share the same mindset as Sebra, and therefore, are very proud to welcome them in the Delogue family.

Optimal and efficient product management tool

Mia Dela, Creative Director and Designer at Sebra, talked with us about a very specific need – one place to store all product information and to communicate with suppliers at all levels. She explained that at Sebra, there’s a long process from idea to end-product which means a lot of information to manage and overview: design, product specifications, labels, packaging, price calculation and so on.

We investigated and searched for a product development tool that could be integrated with our Navision solutions, and we felt that Delogue would meet our needs better, and in a long-term – Mia Dela, Creative Director and Designer at Sebra.

With the goal to find clarity in the chaos, the brand looked for a solution that could ease and optimize the simple task of finding information. And that’s when they met Delogue: “We investigated and searched for a product development tool that could be integrated with our Navision solutions, and we felt that Delogue would meet our needs better, and in a long-term.” – Mia clarifies.

In connection with vacation, illness and onboarding of new employees, it is very optimal to use Delogue. Mia mentioned that “It was hard to find exactly what you needed in an email box where information is easily overlooked.”

The brand is expanding and the challenge to keep the quality, functionality and uniqueness of each product is on. Sebra is already taking the right steps towards innovation and development by adopting an efficient product development solution to their strategy.

We look forward to seeing what the future brings to Sebra!

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