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Live streaming commerce

Live streaming commerce is described as part infomercial, part show. It’s like bringing the old-school TV shopping channels to the digital sphere, intertwining streaming video, social media and celebrities or influencers. Shoppers can browse products and make purchases without having to leave the broadcast.

The whole idea behind it is to create an interactive experience that will enthrall consumers to instantly buy a product. That’s why the host of the live stream should be a charismatic figure – so far the influencers and celebrities have enjoyed the biggest selling records in China.

The potential of live streams is unlimited, as their performance in one day beats the performance of a store over 2-3 weeks. Retailers can potentially build their own shopping channels, serving as social network and e-commerce platforms as a solution to the new normal.

Another benefit of live video shopping is that it has more product information than traditional advertising, or even the e-commerce platform, so it is proven to be more successful at the time the consumer makes its purchasing decision.

But ultimately the most important effect is the personal and emotional part, which makes it more appealing and ultimately promises better engagement with your brand.

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