Delogue empowers fashion businesses during the pandemic and through remote work

Adapting to Remote Work with Delogue: Empowering Businesses During the Pandemic

Working from home has become the new norm in today's pandemic-affected world. As various industries grapple with the challenges brought on by the global crisis, businesses have had to adjust their operations.


Delogue, a reliable partner for many, has helped companies stay afloat during lockdowns and periods of reduced staff. In this article, we explore the experiences of two customers who leveraged Delogue's software during the coronavirus pandemic.

Equipped for Success


Hummel and JBS, long-time partners with Delogue since 2018, initially adopted the software to streamline their workflows. However, it was during the COVID-19 crisis that they truly realized the pivotal role Delogue played in their business success. Despite facing a reduced workforce and transitioning to remote work, Kids Hummel's department navigated the challenges of the lockdown with ease, thanks to Delogue's support and facilitation of their daily tasks.


According to Maibritt Gram Simonsen, Technician at Kids Hummel, Delogue's ability to track changes and provide a centralized platform allowed for seamless task handovers among colleagues, ensuring uninterrupted operations even during extraordinary circumstances like the pandemic.

We could see the communication between the suppliers regarding the different styles – something that would normally be on our mail server. Back then, when we had to take over a colleague’s work, we couldn’t see this mail history – which is fundamental – but now everything is integrated into Delogue for everyone to see.

Maibritt Gram Simonsen, Technician at Kids Hummel

Streamlining Communication and Collaboration


At JBS, the lockdown forced the furloughing of 92 employees, leaving only a few staff members working. Daniel Kirk Sørensen, Buying Manager CCO, found Delogue to be an invaluable tool during this period. With access to his colleagues' work through Delogue, Daniel was able to maintain an overview of the business and make informed decisions. This capability proved essential as he shouldered multiple responsibilities, ranging from management tasks to logistics and strategic planning.


Daniel highlights that in just 48 hours, he and the manager in China successfully reviewed 17 brands and over 2,400 styles, allowing them to prioritize and make informed choices. Without Delogue's integrated system, such efficiency and collaboration would have been impossible.


From Chaos to Efficiency


Before Delogue, businesses like JBS relied on cumbersome systems involving emails, physical notes, and desk messages. However, during the pandemic, this approach became impractical. Today, the employees at JBS consider Delogue indispensable, with many expressing that a workweek without Delogue's support is unimaginable. Daniel emphasizes that going back to the old way of running the business is inconceivable for his team, as Delogue has become an integral part of their daily operations.

The other day I asked my team: ‘Could you imagine me taking away Delogue and going back to running the business as we used to?’ They answered: ‘Never, never. It’s impossible for us to imagine a world or a work day without having Delogue.

Daniel Kirk Sørensen, Buying Manager CCO

As we navigate the challenges of remote work and adapt to the "new normal," Delogue stands as a reliable partner for businesses in the fashion industry. By centralizing communication, facilitating collaboration, and providing crucial insights, Delogue ensures businesses can thrive amidst uncertainty.


Embrace the future and empower your company to tackle the evolving trends of the fashion industry with Delogue. Is your business prepared for the transition?