Design + Dialogue = Delogue

About Delogue


Putting an end to meaningless work


With our roots in the fashion industry, we designed Delogue specifically for apparel professionals, aiming to enhance collaboration, and communication and put an end to the fire-fighting over mistakes caused by meaningless administrative work.

Enabling better collaboration
accross countries
being developed in Delogue
working in Delogue every day

Blueprint to Our Journey

Our mission

Is to empower product development teams to make better decisions

We do this by 

Enabling transparent collaboration for apparel & lifestyle brands across a global supply chain.

Where we are going

We want to impact apparel and lifestyle brands to produce consciously and reduce waste. We will do that by enabling better decision-making for the brands and the world at large. See our road map. 

Where we came from...

“My passion is to help companies realise their potential. I wanted Delogue to be a place where people would meet and collaborate, to ease their life and minimize the risks.”

Rikke Biehl

CXO, Digital Trends & Innovation

Inside Delogue


  • Who we are


    We’re big on BIG ideas, wherever they come from.

    Whether it's a Friday bar tournament or a new platform integration, we’re an ears-open company that advocates user-driven innovation and internal knowledge sharing to disrupt the status quo of product lifecycle management.

  • Who we are

    Straight forward

    We simplify processes and integrate your tech stack for a single source of truth.

    Instead of trying to be all things to all people, we focus our energy on being the best PLM for product development teams that work in apparel and lifestyle.

  • Who we are



    Data is important, but we never lose sight of who created it: you!

    We are a human-centric business and we know that people are complex. We keep that focus on our customers, our platform, and our team. We use the digital to promote the human behind the products. 


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