Fast Onboarding

Our secret to fast onboarding lies in structured and transparent collaboration with you

Successful onboarding


"Our customer success team has a passion for helping and making things work for you – because they've been right where you are. They have more than 60 years of experience working for brands in the apparel and lifestyle industry"



Troels Christensen
COO & Head of Customer Success


The Process

Fast onboarding

Most companies are onboarded within 3 months.  Enterprises and complex operations often take a bit longer. We tailor our standard onboarding process to support the way your company works.



  • Fashion design Pre Analysis

    Onboarding planning


    • Business process
    • Product data requirements
    • Team constellation
    • Tech-pack analysis
    • Integration requirements

    Week 1

  • Data workshop fashion product development

    Hands-on with Delogue

    Data Work Shop

    • In-depth analysis of product structure 
    • Style-creation
    • Working with seasons, categories, colors, sizes, suppliers, and sample types
    • Creating styles via Illustrator Plugin
    • Automized style name and number generation

    Week 2

  • Tech-packs fashion

    Building Tech-Packs

    Product Creation

    • Build up of  components library
    • Adding color variants styles and components
    • Copying of styles and components, working with templates
    • Adding files and folders
    • Smart filtering and favorites

    Week 3

  • Integration of fashion tech-stack



    • Integration via open API /Manual Data Export
    • Integration via IT partner
    • Pushing style data to ERP
    • Data Mapping

    Week 4

  • Measurement tape fashion

    Better fittings
    Measurement Chart

    • How to setup size ranges
    • Set standard points of measures
    • Creation of measurement charts including grading steps
    • Linking of measurement charts to multiple products 
    • Advanced measurements

    Week 5

  • Measurement fashion sampling

    Streamline sample flow


    • Creating sample requests
    • Sample commenting 
    • Sample request overviews and reports
    • Batch actions on samples

    Week 6

  • Care instructions on label

    Centralize Care Label Management

    Care Instructions

    • Build care instruction multi-language and regional library 
    • Create care label templates
    • Setup integration to PIM, ERP, and other platforms

    Week 7

  • Price calculations apparel sourcing

    Negotiations and Target Pricing

    Price Calculations

    • Analysis of current calculations & requirements
    • Setting up brand price calculations 
    • Adding price templates for example for different taxes and freight values 
    • How to work with prices and reports

    Week 8

  • Reports product development fashion

    Full Team

    • Set up reports
    • Work with prices
    • Collection-overviews
    • Sample overview

    Week 9

  • Collaboration fashion product development
    Team & Supplier
    • Communication
    • Supplier onboarding
    • Log and accountability

    Week 10

  • Fashion product development analytics

    Full Team

    Advanced Use

    • Workflows
    • Analytics
    • Dashboard
    • Tips for smarter use of Delogue

    Week 11

Meet Our Onboarding Team


A team that has more than 60 years of experience in apparel product development from various brands before successfully onboarding more than 200 brands to Delogue PLM in the past 7 years.



Troels Christensen

COO & Head of Customer Success

Troels has more than 20 years of experience with project management, system implementation and customer onboarding across the apparel and lifestyle industry.

Ulla Bang Jørgensen

Customer Success Manager

Ulla has been working with design and product development for almost 30 years, primarily with kids wear and various lifestyle brands. Now she ensures a smooth onboarding process and fast, ongoing support.

Charlotte Kristensen

Customer Success Manager

Charlotte has worked with design, supply chain management and system implementation for some of the biggest womens wear and lifestyle brands in Denmark for almost 10 years. She has the know-how to guide you to a successful experience with Delogue.

Pernille de Place Winther

Customer Success Manager

Pernille has been in the fashion and apparel industry for more than 20 years. She knows every corner of the creative process, technical design and has even worked as a teacher and instructor at a Danish design academy.

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Frank H - Bubble egg

"The support during the onboarding process was really incredible."

Frank Hormesch

Designer, Fynch Hatton

Sina H - Bubble egg

"It just sparked my interest even more because there are still so many possibilities I think we're not even using yet."

Sina Hofmann

Product Developer & Designer at SNOCKS

Frequently asked questions

Illustration of questions

Every customer is different but a usual onboarding process consists of 10-12 sessions depending on how complex your brand is. Not much preparation prior to the onboarding is necessary, but some degree of homework between each session is to be expected. Meetings can be held both on-line and in person, all depending on where you are located geographically.

Support is always included for all users. You can reach our support team by email as well as through the Delogue platform. Our team of supporters have hands-on technical and relevant business knowledge and are ready to look in to whatever challenge you might have. You also have the option to search our extensive Knowledge Base if you prefer to find the answers yourself.

Due to our open API you can integrate just about any other system you have, as long as it can send data via API. We also have several out-of-the-box integrations. Learn more about those here.

If you need to migrate old master data, this can be done through an export/import function which we can help you set up.

Supplier users are FREE in Delogue. During the onboarding you will be trained to onboard your suppliers. To support this we have step-by step guides as well as a series of videos explaining exactly how they should work in Delogue. Once onboarding is complete, support is available to suppliers, just as every other user in the platform.