Simplify Workflows and Accelerate Decisions

- by streamlining processes

Make better decisions with accurate data 

Unite Design Team and Suppliers

- with transparency and effective collaboration

Lift Your Brand with Digital Transformation 


Cloud-based PLM created by design professionals for the apparel and lifestyle industry



Centralized data in PLM
Empowering 280+ brands 
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Used in 74 countries

The daily workspace for product developers around the World


We help product developers collaborate by providing a PLM platform that creates transparency and provides product developers with accurate data to enhance better decision making at any time.

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What is Delogue PLM?

PLM designed for Fashion & Lifestyle developed by actual buyers and designers

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Make better decisions

All your product data stored in one central place - easily accessible for everyone in the company at any time from anywhere.  With accurate data team members can make faster and better decisions and reduce the risk of costly mistakes and delays. 

Strengthen team collaboration

Transparency allows all team members to always know the latest status of any product or trim changes. All users can easily participate in the process with the help of inbuilt communication, logged product edits, and tracking of agreements and product history. 



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Get more time for product creation and creativity. Say goodbye to time-consuming product data maintenance tasks and having to search for information in scattered emails, file attachments, and Excel sheets. Reduce the time spent on dealing with mistakes and delays and use it for designing products your customers will love instead.

Why Delogue?

Get ahead of the ever-changing apparel and lifestyle industry

Secure product compliance


Let validated data lead you to a more sustainable business model



No data - No Market. Meet regulations by connecting your product data with validated compliance documentation. In just a few clicks you can report on what your products are made of, where, and by whom. Be on top of any certificate or standard that you work with.

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Empowered collection navigation


Navigate with agility and make informed decisions



  • In a few clicks analyze collection and supplier performance
  • Create collection and category overviews for easy analysis and commenting
  • Set frameworks to meet your margins and sustainability goals
PLM Collection Analysis

Key to succeeding with a sustainable business strategy


Strengthen supplier relationship



  • Collaborate accurately with transparency
  • Streamline workflows
  • Avoid costly misunderstandings and delays
  • Invite all your suppliers for free to work with you in Delogue


PLM supplier case story

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Johan G - Bubble

"Delogue has helped make sure that problems are eliminated and the correct information is shared with everyone in real-time."

Johan Graffner

CEO & founder at DEDICATED

Riccardo B - Bubble egg

"The sample process is way faster and clearer now. Especially in comparison to before, where we did everything in Excel lists and quickly lost track on the status."

Riccardo Ballarino

Executive Creative Director at LFDY

Kristina N - Bubble egg

"To have one place where I can look up everything is simply fantastic. To have all the reports, style sheets and visual overview in one place is really great."

Kristina Nissen

Buying Manager at Minimum

Delogue can help
you work smarter


check-bold Streamline operations

check-bold Make better decisions

check-bold Meet ESG regulations with data