Digitalize product development in one platform

Say "goodbye" to outdated data structures and enjoy the perks of full process transparency and increased team collaboration – from concept to market.

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Increase Productivity with a Single Source of Truth

Delogue PLM is your way of keeping an overall transparency in your supply chain. Making it easy to access data and knowledge, the platform works as the backbone to your business by gathering and organising all your designs, products and communication. Avoid costly mistakes, benefit from efficient workflows and improve time-to-market.

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Making product development easier

Stay in the loop

Bridge the communication gap

Integrated communication tool
Get access to the history log, talk directly to all your departments and suppliers, and get full transparency on everything that is communicated on a product level.
Communicate seamlessly with e-commerce
Simplify the delivery of product data with e-commerce and integrate Delogue PLM with the solutions you’re already using.
Choose what to share
Have complete control over who sees what and decide how much you want to share with your suppliers.
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Forget the hassle

Simplify your work process

Always accurate tech-packs
Save time and avoid mistakes, everything is constantly updated. Build measurements charts, and get rid of Excel sheets.
Track sample follow-ups
Maintain the full overview og sample status. Overcome the ‘inbox syndrome’ and send less emails.
Create workflows with your suppliers
Your suppliers have free access. Assign tasks, communicate, and build a stronger relationship.
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See the bigger picture

Get latest information in real-time

Customer reports
Get a full overview of your product with just a few clicks.
Provides insights that will increase your understanding of how everything is working and help you make strategic decisions and where you should focus your development.
Dashboard and workflow overview
As manager you can see what everyone is doing and make sure you stay on track.
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Having our suppliers use Delogue leads to fewer emails and fewer questions all over the place, with the added bonus of no more PDFs with everyone’s comments! It’s all collected on this platform. One palpable result we’ve seen is with the samples: since we’ve started using Delogue they have turned out much better.

Marthe Mykjåland, Designer at Norwegian Concept
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