Strong supplier relationships with a PLM

Supplier Success Unleashed: Harnessing the Power of PLM Software for Stronger Relationships

Maintaining strong supplier relationships and optimizing efficiency is crucial for manufacturers working with multiple brands. However, juggling different standards and decentralized processes can pose significant challenges. To overcome these obstacles, manufacturers can turn to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, which offers a range of benefits that enhance transparency, collaboration, and accuracy.


Some substantial supplier PLM software benefits include:


Improved Transparency and Accuracy with Tech Packs

Collaborating with brands that lack a centralized system like PLM often requires suppliers to invest extra effort. Working with multiple systems and methods for product development, such as Excel, Dropbox, email, and messaging platforms, can lead to information fragmentation. Suppliers spend valuable time searching for the latest information across various solutions, risking miscommunication and errors.


In contrast, PLM software provides a single source of truth for all product data, including accurate tech packs and Bill of Materials (BOMs). By centralizing information, manufacturers can minimize risks, improve collaboration, and ensure that all stakeholders have access to up-to-date specifications, changes, and comments.


Accurate Calculation of Production Costs

Inaccurate tech packs can hinder manufacturers' ability to calculate precise production costs and minimum order quantities. Such inaccuracies can result in additional costs, causing frustrations for both suppliers and brands. However, by leveraging PLM software, suppliers can maintain tech pack accuracy, enabling accurate price calculations and minimizing unexpected costs upon product delivery.


Standardized Collaboration Processes Manufacturers often work with numerous brands, each with their own unique processes. Without standardized collaboration processes, suppliers face increased workloads and higher risks. Implementing a collaborative PLM solution allows suppliers and brands to establish validated and reliable practices, streamlining workflows and ensuring consistent communication.


Improved Traceability through Change Tracking


Tracking product changes becomes challenging when information is scattered across different platforms. Tools like Excel, Dropbox, email, and messaging apps lack dedicated features for logging product changes. By utilizing PLM software, suppliers and brands can track changes throughout the entire development process within a single system. This improves traceability, reduces errors, and facilitates efficient collaboration.


“For us, the advantage of working in PLM is that we have all information gathered in one place. It makes it so easy for us to track changes.”

Gitte Linnebjerg, Sales Coordinator at HRT Textiles 

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Reduced Risk of Errors and Delays


Working with decentralized systems makes version control difficult, leading to outdated information and potential errors or delays. Manually updating and resending new versions of tech packs increases the risk of working with inaccurate data. Moreover, relying on scattered systems hampers seamless task handover and negatively impacts customer service.


PLM software addresses these challenges by providing real-time access to up-to-date tech packs in a centralized repository. This enables smooth employee rotation and ensures that all stakeholders are working with the latest information, reducing the risk of errors and miscommunication.


Strengthen Supplier Relationships with PLM Software

PLM software empowers fashion brands and manufacturers to streamline their operations and enhance collaboration. By consolidating data and providing real-time access to accurate tech packs, PLM software minimizes errors, improves efficiency, and establishes better supplier relationships. Manufacturers prioritize working with brands that can deliver accurate data from a single source of truth, enabling them to drive innovation, reduce costs, and achieve mutual success.


Discover the power of PLM software in optimizing supplier relationships and maximizing efficiency in your manufacturing processes. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and learn how PLM can transform your business.



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