By Green Cotton improves sustainability with Delogue PLM

Centralizing product certifications for enhanced sustainability

When it comes to their children, parents want the best. This is what By Green Cotton delivers everyday, focusing on ecology, sustainability, and social responsibility.


By Green Cotton is a subsidiary company to Novotex, a Danish textile company established in 1983 by founder Leif Nørgaard. It spans over three brands. Fred's World by Green Cotton is a kidswear brand which uses only 100% organic cotton. Müsli by Green Cotton offers luxury organic childrenswear and interior, and it is GOTS certified. Finally, the newly launched Conservandum is By Green Cotton's line for women.


With three labels to manage and a commitment to keeping the whole production process as sustainable as possible, by Green Cotton decided to turn to Delogue PLM to foster transparency and structure.


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Organizing documents and certifications to boost sustainability

Working with sustainable sourcing and certifications, documentation and traceability are the most important factors for By Green Cotton. Delogue PLM supports when it comes to managing documentation – and opens up for more transparency across the entire value chain.


By Green Cotton can manage the many certificates and documents related to each product in one place. This way, the company easily keeps track of the product journey, an essential element in its philosophy. 

A Faster Road to E-Commerce

The whole fashion industry is witnessing a sustainable revolution, and e-commerce websites want to be at the forefront. This is a double-edged sword for eco-friendly brands. On one hand, they can enjoy the competitive advantage of using environmentally-conscious practices. On the other, to ensure transparent communication to their customers, e-commerces require an ever-growing list of certifications that can be complicated to manage efficiently.


Delogue PLM comes in handy to ensure smooth transitioning across the different platforms. Managing director Sanne Nørgaard explains: 


When transferring a season from Delogue PLM to our ERP system, the certifications are already connected with our suppliers which means our products are getting marked with our certifications before we start selling. This makes it easier to follow up on a season and to document which certified products have been purchased and sold.

Sanne Nørgaard, Managing Director at By Green Cotton

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Delogue PLM allows for efficiency and traceability to let By Green Cotton focus on what it does best: create high quality products that are respectful of the environment.