Lillelam streamlines product information with Delogue

Lillelam makes communication a breeze with streamlined product information

Great innovation stems from consumers' needs. This is what happened when Lillelam, a Norwegian company established in 2004, came up with "superwash wool". The advanced material makes garments washable without a scratch or shrink, a welcome addition for busy parents who want quality and functionality. Lillelam guarantees the best merino wool providing wonderful softness and unique wear resistance to all its pieces.


However, communicating your product story to retailers and end-consumers isn't always easy. Getting the message across about the know-how that goes into creating every single style is complicated but essential to the brand. Lillelam turned to Delogue PLM to increase its transparency and foster communication.

A challenge to handle product specification and certifications

Lillelam fine products are tested and certified to ensure that they shape the highest quality merino wool on the market. In their certification list, we find Oeko-tex, Woolmark, NICE (Nordic Initiative Clean & Ethical), Mulesing, and many others. Along with using complex techniques and extraordinary materials, the company found difficulties handling all the product information under each style and communicating it to external stakeholders.


Product data was stored in Excel files and communication via emails, making keeping data updated difficult and time-consuming. Lillelam was affected by the full-inbox syndrome and would, for example, look for different versions of MMT's in a huge amount of emails. This workflow made it more challenging to deliver the correct information and staying transparent towards retailers and end customers. 


Designer & Production Manager Mona Gangnæs shares how Delogue PLM helped Lillelam towards complete transparency.

As our team and business are growing, we needed to get our information in order. There were just too many Excel files placed on different servers, too many different versions of MMT’s and a huge amount of emails to go through in order to find answers. When we heard about Delogue PLM, we saw that it would help us with our challenges – there are so many options and details to gather under the same style, which is wonderful.

Mona Gangnæs, Designer & Production Manager

Storytelling through transparency and traceability

Delogue PLM became the place where all product communication was done. In this way, all information is gathered in one platform where it is traceable and transparent to all stakeholders. Delogue PLM allows for the data to stay attached to the style from idea to marketing. This means knowing why a product was made the way it was from the get-go, and not losing the inspiration behind carefully crafted pieces.


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