Delogue Academic program

Free academic program for students, teachers and educational institutions




Students around the world get Delogue PLM software licenses and certifications for free. Request a license from your teacher.


  • Learn how to bring products faster to market
  • Learn how to streamline design and production processes
  • Impress future employers




Prepare students for modern product practices. Incorporate Delogue PLM software for free into the curriculum.


  • Teach the latest practices in modern product development
  • Simple student license management
  • Free support and Knowledge Base




Position your institution as a technological frontrunner with the latest digital design and product development practices.


  • Free to use for students and teachers
  • Training program for teachers to become familiar and able to teach in Delogue PLM
  • Give students the most advanced toolbox for their future career

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Delogue PLM is ideal for this as it is very user-friendly. It also helps the student to make the link to the professional field because well-known brands and retailers also use Delogue PLM.”

Ilse TerpstraInstructor Buying Fashion & Textile Technologies at Saxion University of Applied Science


Delogue PLM made it a lot easier for me to learn to work with complicated collections. It's a great solution for structuring processes and collecting all product-related data while making communication with suppliers much easier.”

Mads BrunoFormer Student, Copenhagen School of Design and Business & Purchaser Arkk Copenhagen




To ensure that teachers know the functionalities of Delogue PLM, they will be trained by Delogue and must pass an “exam” to be certified in Delogue PLM. Normally certification requires 3-4 hours of training by a Delogue trainer, 3-4 hours of self-study working on the platform and finally a 1 hour “exam” where the teacher presents the PLM platform to the Delogue trainer. After passing the “exam”, the teacher will receive a Delogue PLM Certified Tutor Certificate.


Certification fee: Delogue charges a certification fee of EUR 1,350 per year for up to three teachers. The fee includes all training, certification, help in setting up classes, support and annual re-certification with new features for the teacher.



Delogue and the educational institution will complete an annual evaluation and status (online approximately 1 hour). The educational institution gives Delogue feedback and quantifiable KPIs as to the amount of students reached, curriculum and Delogue updates on new features in the platform.

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