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In a world where sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity, Delogue will serve as the backbone for supply chain mapping, data collection, and reporting to meet ESG standards.


ESG in Fashion

Ensure compliance with the evolving demands
of the ESG agenda

Circular Design Requirements


Circular Design is the key


Enhance your product creation and creativity with Delogue as your foundation. Prepare for implementing circular design principles including lifecycle thinking, repairability, and the use of recycled materials. Delogue helps you consider all essential aspects, fostering sustainable innovation right from the concept stage.

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Demands for extensive Supply Chain Mapping

Ensuring transparency in your supply chain is crucial for compliance with customer demands and EU legislation. Achieving this transparency can be complex and demands a robust platform like Delogue. We are committed to guiding you on this journey, from sourcing sustainable materials to promoting ethical manufacturing practices, thus creating a foundation for reliable product narratives.

Data Requirements to enable environmental impact measuring

Delogue centralizes all your product data, providing stakeholders access anytime, anywhere. This accuracy enables quicker, smarter decision-making and reduces costly errors. Delogue integrates with impact calculators, transparency tools, and Digital Product Passports (DPP) platforms. We collaborate with multiple partners to ensure the data on our platform is relevant and accurate, enhancing overall sustainability efforts.


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ESG data we can help manage with Delogue

Streamline product data delivery by integrating Delogue with your current or future tech solutions.


Data Points

Future-proof your brand by collecting essential ESG data points with Delogue, ensuring readiness for upcoming legislative changes in the textile industry.




80% of the environmental impact of a product is decided in the design phase. The EU Textile Strategy focuses on design-led circularity, promoting sustainable consumption and circular economy processes.



As certifications gain importance for compliance in the textile industry, Delogue simplifies certification management, helping brands meet stringent standards.

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Supply Chain Management


Transparency is critical under the EU Ecodesign directive. Delogue enhances daily supply chain management, ensuring visibility of the product journey.  



Managing essential product-related documentation can be complex. Delogue’s Compliance Module streamlines this process, supporting accurate product attribute claims.


Bill of Material


The BOM is foundational, detailing a product's composition, weight, consumption, and suppliers. Delogue facilitates effective mapping, measuring, and documenting of these details.

ESG Consulting

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Get a free ESG consultation with our Head of ESG and discover how your company can move toward more sustainable practices.  


We offer consulting help with:


  • Certification, supply chain, and due diligence strategies. 

  • Compliance and certification management and how you get ready for upcoming audits.

  • 360-degree sustainability assessment of your way of working today.
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Anja Padget Delogue

"I’ve guided numerous SMEs through the complexities of adopting sustainability strategies. Many companies are unprepared for the challenges ahead. My passion is crafting the right strategy for each brand, helping them know exactly where to begin."

Anja Padget

Head of ESG at Delogue