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Our mission

Our team works together every day to move our mission forward making an easy, collaborative tool to help you be productive throughout your day so you can concentrate on what matters: creativity, innovation, and sustainability.



We've automated the mundane tasks so you can put your mind and heart into the important stuff.



No steep learning curves. We are easy to use and we onboard you very fast.



Designed for the apparel industry by industry experts, we help you stay on top of the game. We understand what you do and what your likely challenges are.

Our Vision

We would love to be global, and on that scale, we want to support small to medium size companies. We want these companies to act and compete like they are big global players. If we can help them work smarter, if we can help them achieve a sustainable business so they can survive the giants out there, we have made something great.

It all starts with a story


The story begins in Denmark with Rikke Biehl, a fashion buyer who has had enough of being buried under a mountain of CC correspondence for every collection she is in charge of (you know them: the cover-your-back kind of emails). Can you imagine receiving 200 emails a day or not receiving them and missing out on vital information? Fed up by this time-consuming process, she teamed up with Bianca, a fashion industry professional, and Mikkel, a perceptive IT developer, in 2010 and together they built what you know today as Delogue — your daily partner, your life-savior, your all-knowing platform, where all the information is there at your disposal. Of course it wasn’t as simple as that. It took weeks, months, years to get the platform developed. What started as a cure to this ‘overloaded inbox syndrome’ ended up being an intuitive and multi-functional tool to revolutionise designers, buyers, technicians, product developers, and CEO’s lives. Rikke wanted to make their mundane tasks simpler and smarter, so they could focus on creativity, sustainability and innovation of their business. This is what got us here.

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But at Delogue, we are constantly improving. We are not a static platform. We are one that moves forward and, as it was built with their users in mind, it keeps on developing with their input and adapting to the new technologies the industry works with. Our success not only relies on the quality of what we do, also on our attitude, teamwork and the way we treat our clients. When you work with Delogue you become part of the family: you will be one of the Deloguers, making smarter decisions for a world with better products.

We’re excited to start a Delogue-dialogue and learn about you, what your problems are and what solutions we can give you.

Think of Delogue as your fairy godmother.

Together we can work miracles: let’s build an empire.


My passion is to help companies release their potential. I wanted Delogue to be a place where people would meet and collaborate, to ease their life and minimize the risks.

Rikke Biehl, CXO, Digital Trends & Innovation

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