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Leathers that age with grace and the best of combining niche IT solutions are the highlights from our talk with Nicolas Kjaer, CEO at leather brand Royal RepubliQ. The brand has chosen Delogue as part of their new IT strategy and we want to know all about it.

About Royal RepubliQ

Royal RepubliQ is a brand that communicates basic ideals – their “Aims of life”, – through high-quality leather products such as footwear, bags, and accessories. These ideals are based on simplicity and functionality, characteristics of the brand’s Scandinavian roots.

From their bases in Amsterdam and Copenhagen since 2006, Royal RepubliQ brings together the love and appreciation for leathers in products that embrace longevity and personality.

Faith, passion, dare to risk, take action and have strength are among the brand values and mission to create long-lasting products which will age with grace and grow character over time. In line with these values, the brand focuses on sophisticated craftsmanship and fine materials to design flexible styles which will become a part of today’s nomadic lifestyle.

Multiple solutions working as one

As the value chain becomes more and more complex, brands need to rethink their business strategies to ensure quality and effectiveness at all levels. CEO Nicolas Kjaer talked with us about the challenges in finding a PDM solution and how that positively influenced the company’s new IT strategy.

We first asked Nicolas why the urge for a new PDM system, and he explained that they actually started developing their own platform because it was so difficult to find the right solution at a reasonable price. “Fortunately, the software development industry has accelerated over the last 2-3 years, and several niche solutions have come along – one of these was Delogue.” – he points out.

At the same time, the brand expanded and consequently, all business activities evolved to a degree where all became very complex, says Nicolas. Overviewing every single step of the product journey, from development to end-customer, is now more crucial than ever.

So in 2016 they changed the approach and implemented a new IT strategy focused on combining different niche IT solutions to work together as an unified software solution. The strategy consists of implementing five different systems in five different departments specialized in Design and Product development, Warehouse Management System, ERP and  Webshop. “All platforms share the same data, so each user has access to the relevant information 24/7.” – he highlights.

I found Delogue’s focus on solving a specific need very interesting, and over time, I saw Delogue strengthening their platform with new features and integrations – all with a common goal, make it easier and faster to develop products and communicate accurately with suppliers. – Nicolas Kjaer, CEO at Royal RepubliQ.

Being one of the five chosen solutions, made us curious to know why Delogue was a choice for the brand. Nicolas confessed that the decision was primarily based on Delogue’s understanding and determination to solve the challenges in design and production processes.

A lot has happened in Delogue since the launch of the platform to its current version, Nicolas says, and he expects, even more, developments: “I believe in Delogue, in their insight, competences and, not least, the will to make the best PDM solution in the market. Along with the wishes of the other Delogue users, I’m sure the development of the platform will continue – and probably also take further speed.”

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