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Helping brands during the coronavirus lockdown

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Nowadays, working from home has become a new normal. In a world overcome by a pandemic many industries have been hit hard and everyone has had to adapt to a new way of working. 

Rumor has it, Delogue was a great partner for our customers to adapt to the new situation. They were able to keep their business afloat during the lockdown when employees were sent home and they had to work with reduced staff.

We talked to two of our customers to learn more about their experience during the coronavirus spring wave.

Equipped for the best outcome

Hummel and JBS have both been working with Delogue since 2018. They incorporated the software to optimize their workflows, but it wasn’t until the corona crisis hit, perhaps, that they realized what an important tool Delogue is for them to succeed in their business. 

In fact, Delogue was a savior during the corona lockdown for the team at Kids Hummel. Despite a reduced staff in the office as more people worked remotely and new shifts were introduced, the department was able to face the challenges of the lockdown thanks to Delogue’s support and facilitation of their everyday work. 

“With Delogue you can always see when small changes have been made – by whom and when. So when corona came, we were able to use all the information previously inserted in Delogue to take over our colleagues’ tasks,” says Maibritt Gram Simonsen, Technician.


We could see the communication between the suppliers regarding the different styles – something that would normally be on our mail server. Back then, when we had to take over a colleague’s work, we couldn’t see this mail history – which is fundamental – but now everything is integrated into Delogue for everyone to see.

In this sense, Delogue acts like a centralized platform that makes remote work and handovers from colleague to colleague a fast and easy task, whether it is during an extraordinary situation such as the coronavirus or the result of somebody taking a vacation or sick-leave. Additionally, it acts as an integrated system where all the information is stored, so anyone working on a style can have access to this information. 

The work of many becomes the work of two

At JBS, they had to furlough 92 people during the lockdown and only a few were left working. Daniel Kirk Sørensen, Buying Manager CCO, was one of them and, despite being responsible for all sorts of tasks, he was greatly aided by his access to his colleagues’ work through Delogue. He could see the bigger picture and make decisions based on the knowledge stored in Delogue. 

“I had to perform management tasks, compile measurements charts, go to the warehouse and empty containers, work on the strategy, check on actual samples and pack online orders – all by myself – so it was fundamental that I had an overview of the business and didn’t waste time. Instead, I could work on solutions,” says Daniel.  

In just 48 hours, the manager in China and I were able to go through 17 brands, and more than 2,400 styles, to get an overview of what we should put on hold and what we should focus on and continue with. It would have been impossible to do this without having Delogue.

The future is with Delogue

Before Delogue, the business was run using a system consisting of lots of missives: emails, post-it notes on the wall, or hand-written messages left on desks, and so on. During a situation like the corona lockdown, this would have been absurd. That’s why most people who work at JBS these days say it’s unthinkable that they could get through a week without Delogue’s support. 

 “The other day I asked my team: ‘Could you imagine me taking away Delogue and going back to running the business as we used to?’ They answered: ‘Never, never. It’s impossible for us to imagine a world or a work day without having Delogue,’” revealed Daniel.   

The future is here and Delogue is ready to help you face the challenge of keeping up with the new trends of the fashion business. Are you ready for the transition? Is your company ready to deal with this new normal? 


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