Delogue PLM + Eezeebee PIM Accelerate your marketing & sales effort

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Vilmer Ståhle
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We are happy to announce that Eezeebee customers can now import style data directly from Delogue PLM into Eezeebee PIM.

The integration means that Eezeebee customers don’t have to spend time entering product data into multiple systems as the import of product data happens directly from Delogue PLM.

The integration enables:

  • Automatic import of SKUs into Eezeebee PIM
  • Centralized product data management
  • Import designers’ product descriptions directly into Eezeebee PIM
  • Eliminate time spent on double data entries
  • Minimize product data errors
  • Reduce time to market

How does it work?

Product data is created in Delogue PLM as part of the product development process when designers and manufacturers develop products. Delogue PLM structures and centralizes product data handling during development thus much of the product data used by Eezeebee is ready for import. 

By using the Delogue PLM + Eezeebee PIM integration, brands can automatically import all product data. 

Eezeebee PIM PLM Integration

This way, brands can eliminate time spent on double data entries, minimize product data errors, and reduce time to market.

How to get started

To learn more about your possibilities contact your Eezeebee sales representative or book a demo to see how Delogue PLM works and can be integrated into Eezeebee PIM.

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