It’s a fast world and LFDY is setting the pace

We’ve teamed up with Live Fast Die Young — a German brand that is breaking new grounds in fashion. We came into the picture to support this tsunami.

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Have you ever heard about “Live Fast, Die Young”? We are not talking about the late 50s movie classic or James Dean’s biography, although they both intertwine with Live Fast, Die Young’s motto. They are rebels against society — they dare to be different. They are not just a German fashion brand; they promote a state of mind.

Dreaming big from the backyard

It all started as an expression of ideals through clothing. A few t-shirts made in a backyard and sold on eBay soon became a popular streetwear brand offering cool yet comfy clothes.

The next thing you know, their clothing business was growing so fast that it became more and more challenging to keep track of their product development, sample orders and workflow. They needed to get one step ahead of the market and find a solution that would allow them to keep on focusing on what initially drove them to start LFDY. 

Staying ahead of the game

As rule-breakers, they don’t work in a traditional ‘fashion way’. They are constantly releasing collections, so they need an overview to obtain a better understanding and make quick decisions. 

We concur with LFDY that life is too short to be wasting time on mundane tasks that can easily be simplified with a digital platform. Why insist on doing it the ‘old way’ when the new ways are more efficient? 

The guys at LFDY know it only too well and they have given us the chance to help them and support them with their growth. And we must say that we are thrilled to embark on this journey together because, at Delogue PLM, we are also a breaking ground in the fashion software industry.

Now, are you ready to be a part of the difference and to stay ahead of what’s coming up next? 

Find out more about Life Fast Die Young.

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