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How valid insights optimize your next assortment planning

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Vilmer Ståhle
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All of us in the fashion industry are currently in the same leaking boat. We’ve been exposed to the measurements of governments, closing down retail and effectively slowing down our business operations to almost a halt.

Moving forward is a challenge. Focusing on analyzing past collection performance on multiple levels, is one way of strengthening future assortments, as business picks up again.

Cut away poorly performing products in your assortment planning

Successful assortment planning is based on insights and facts about previous collections – being able to analyze which styles in which sizes and colors performed well is vital for successful sales. A well-performing collection mix is therefore starkly dependent on the insights into the styles that were good or poor performers or were even canceled. Usually the data for an in-depth analysis of this sort is drawn from manually updated spreadsheets, slowing down the process and building in micro-risks to form the optimal decisions.

PLM analytics is the knowledge-center of your products

Intelligent PLM analytics provides purchasing and management departments with valid insights that shed light on the well-performing products, including order amounts, sales figures, turnover, volume or even supplier performance margins and delivery, among other vital factors. This creates a strategic foundation to help decision makers determine how the future mix should look like, where to cut away and how to reduce costly development time that doesn’t result in actual turnover.

PLM analytics combines a full set of style data that you created through the past, supporting a stronger assortment planning, through insights on e.g.

  • Season to season category performance
  • Cancellation rate of products and categories
  • Price point & margin performance
  • Margin performance per category and suppliers
  • Cancellation ratio of colors

These and other data points relating to previous collection structures are analyzed automatically by setting up customized views in a pivot table.

The Delogue PLM Analytics tool is used to give deep product insights on style, product group, category and collection level, giving access to all the data and allowing to easily drag and drop it into any preferred view. All data can be exported into Excel, making it easy to share and use.

Get hands on insights with Delogue PLM Analytics

Still not a Delogue PLM user?

Delogue PLM Analytics is a tool that is included in the Professional license. Book a demo with us and get a first-hand understanding on how you can create data and utilize these for a more transparent data based knowledge of your actual performance in the future.

Already a Delogue PLM user?

To make informed and data based decisions when planning the next collection assortment, book a demo with us and get a first-hand understanding on how to utilize your product data more strategically for your brand.

Delogue PLM Analytics is a tool that is included in the Professional license. Companies who are already part of the Delogue PLM family but not using the Professional license yet, are invited to upgrade to the Professional licence for free for a limited 1 month period. Enough time to get a profound insight into your products and make informed decisions relating to stronger collection performances.


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