5 reasons to choose Delogue PLM

The world of fashion is even more hectic, complex, and demanding than ever before. Between production bottlenecks, demands for greater sustainability, and increasing regulation; digital software solutions are fast becoming the anchor of stability and structure. For more than ten years, Delogue PLM has been supporting some of the most exciting fashion brands. But today, we pay attention to the 5 top reasons our customers continue to choose our PLM, year after year.


Fashion PLM with strong retention rates

Delogue is well ahead of the B2B SaaS average (102%) with a net retention rate of 122% in 2021. And if that wasn't proof enough, our 3% customer churn rate (the annual percentage of canceled subscriptions) is also below the industry average (4.67% according to Recurly).


We take pride in being able to confidently say that our customers see us as a must-have solution they continue to rely on, even in the most business-critical of times. From feedback, we've identified a number of things we're doing right - but this one is thanks to a seamless onboarding program and dedicated customer success team - a big hitter in why our customers chose our PLM year after year.

      PLM Capterra Favourite

With an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars and an 87% recommendation rate, we are right up there among customer favorites on Capterra in the realm of Fashion PLM. To put that into perspective, other PLM heavyweights for retail & fashion accumulate an average rating of 3.95/5 and a 70.5% recommendation rate on Capterra (as of July 2022).


It's always nice to see social proof, but it's only as good as the screen you see it on, without understanding the insights behind it. We take feedback to heart – both on Capterra and beyond; with thanks to customer insights, and honest reach-out conversations, we continue to be a user-driven platform that strives to be one step ahead of the industry, so you don't have to be. Our newest features reflect this with a hyper-focus on compliance and traceability to protect your business from pending regulations and general public pressure.


PLM supporting fashion business growthThis year to date, we added more than 170 user licenses to our existing customer base. Many of them upscaling licenses to match their ever-growing team sizes and collections - all made possible with a product lifecycle management system. We see this as confirmation that we help fashion brands to scale in style. At the very least, we start by eliminating redundant day-to-day distractions to achieve the foundation for sustainable growth.


Fashion PLM referralsA stunning 17% of our customers discovered Delogue via recommendations by associated fashion brands or their other IT partners. Proving that many Deloguers have become true super-users who are not only proudly utilizing our platform, but also believe it enough to want to brag about choosing our PLM with their network. Plus, the referrals from our IT partners show how valuable integrations actually are, by providing fashion brands with the best possible IT experience for a wide range of individual needs.


Take a look for yourself at the success stories of our super-users, as well as our available platform integrations.



Original Fashion PLM

Whilst PLM continues to be a hot topic in the industry, an ever-increasing number of brands continue to trust our platform. After a decade in business we are super proud that our customer base has increased by over >615% by the end of 2021 - after starting with an impressive 20 customers by the end of our first year.  Even more importantly, the past ten years have allowed us to foster relationships with many more upcoming as well as established fashion players along the way.

With all honesty, it's worth noting that the pandemic also contributed to these figures. In times where remote working and globally spread teams increasingly became the norm, more and more fashion brands realized the indispensable need for a centralized platform for data and process coordination. A trend that is here to stay.


While we are proud and grateful for the trust placed in us by our partner brands, we are also aware that innovative stagnation can never be an option. The fashion industry is in a constant state of flux, and we as a SaaS provider must proactively work on the right features and add-ons to ensure that we continue to provide our customers with the best possible support in the present and for the future.

So thank you for your trust and your continued support in making our platform a little bit better day by day. None of these figures could have been reached without you, and none of what's to come can be achieved without our collaborative bond.



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