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Analytics Feature Tutorial

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Welcome back to Delogue-ing with Lisa!

Today's topic is: the Analytics Feature — the next big thing to a crystal ball.


When you plan your assortment, you want to find the right balance between your bread and butter styles and those categories in which you want to try something new and inspiring for your coming season. 


It is a difficult task to find a balance to make your new collection a success if you don't have data from previous seasons. For example,  ask yourself how many dresses would you love to sell, and how many did you actually sell? And was the minidress maybe too mini?


Even though Delogue PLM cannot do the magic for you (sorry!), the Analytics Feature is here to help. It’s like a  crystal ball, giving you valuable insights to make better and more informed decisions.

Let me show you an example of how to use the Analytics Feature in the Delogue platform.

Demo step-by-step

Firstly, go to the Analytics feature. In here, we have already built an example to where you can overview your estimated turnover. You can see the number of styles per color and category, but you can also customize this overview or build it from scratch.

You would start here in fields. In fields, you see all the different data sets that you can select and combine and then you can drag them into the matrix area.


I would like to also include the seasons so I drag it over into columns. Click apply and then in here, you'll see the splits of the number of styles and the colors per season and overview your calculated turnover per season. So if you are familiar with working in excel and pivot, this area might be right up your alley.

Reach out

We know from experience that feeding quality data into Delogue creates quality analyses. We also know that this can be easier said than done. 


So, Deloguer, don't be a stranger, simply reach out to us

We're happy to get you started with Analytics.