Future trends in the fashion industry

Navigating the Future: Industry Trends Demand a Strategic Approach

Global collaboration demands knowledge sharing

Within the past year, we've noticed certain trends gaining traction. For instance, more and more companies are placing importance on the implementation of a "Single Source of Truth" (SSOT) within their growing businesses. Retailers, are now more than ever demanding brands to send accurate and detailed product information. Thus, a recurring requirement brands are facing, is the establishment of a singular, reservoir of knowledge, where all data is collected, saved, updated and valid. This need for a simple and straightforward knowledge sharing environment, allows for easy access and easy distribution of valid information. The end result being that all parties involved are able to be most efficient in their daily workflow.


With the abundance of product information companies manage across geographical locations, teams and departments, it is understandable that this need is constantly growing. The world has become one huge workplace making everyone accessible. By no longer being bound to physical locations, companies are able to look outside their borders to find the right team members. This way of engaging with international colleagues has placed more validity on the essentiality of implementing a SSOT.

Achieving a continuous updating of data in one singular location, Delogue easily makes knowledge sharing accessible to all team members. All information is distributed at every level, ultimately resulting in creating an environment, where knowledge is controlled, dramatically reducing the chances of miscommunication, misunderstanding and mistakes.

Time-to-market and sustainability will drive the future

Have you already researched possible 3D design options for your business? If not, we highly recommend that they be on your radar for the foreseeable future. 3D design technology has created openings with regards to the introduction of new file formats. With Delogue all file formats are supported and we continuously strive to stay at the forefront of finding new ways to support future product developments. 3D technology offers companies a more streamlined sample development process by creating virtual samples. As most manufacturing is produced internationally, sharing virtual samples to teams around the globe saves companies time, money and resources.


There has also been a noticeable interest in making a drastic change towards a more sustainable way of doing business. This can be attributed to companies realising the commercial value behind sustainability. Any investment within corporate sustainability has been proven to strengthen a brand's DNA and will eventually pay off financially. Not only are these initiatives beneficial to companies but also to society - inspiring consumers to be more accountable with regards to their behaviours as a result.


With Delogue, companies won't face the challenges of becoming more sustainable, alone. We ensure all product data and communication are stored and managed efficiently facilitating continuous transparency. Additionally, workflows and the collection of documentation can also help manage sustainable product development.


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