horseriding clothing brands using plm

It’s always boot season if you are a horse rider

Horseback riders need the right attire whether they are competing, training, or at leisure. A particular etiquette is required for competitions and there’s a need to provide safety and comfort for riders. Because what would they do without their riding breeches?


Equestrian clothing brands provide horse-riding apparel and accessories to horse riders striving to success while looking stylish. A pleasing appearance is essential to impress the judges, but so is dependable equipment, be it the helmets or the footwear – to ensure so you can ride in style while safely!


And it is not only about the riders. Some of the brands also produce everything related to your horse’s needs – from bridles and blinkers, to paddles and saddles.

Bringing all the horsepower your company needs

What do horses have in common with PLM software? Delogue is for the equestrian industry what sugar cubes are for horses: that sweet spot that keeps all your product data and communication in one place, enabling you to work smoothly from concept to market.


Their processes are similar to a fashion brand’s, and yet they differ. But at heart, they share the same problems and look for the same solutions: a structure for their collections and efficiency in their administrative tasks, which will boost their productivity.


Horse riding apparel brands find Delogue’s platform useful for getting an overview of all their materials, trims and styles. Equestrian clothing brands tend to favour NOS and re-runner styles. That is why having a pipeline to all their old collections helps them to work faster. They only have to copy-paste the old collection and make the necessary changes to adapt it to the new collection.

Welcoming more horse riding apparel brands to the Delogue family

So far in 2021, we have been happy to note that three new horse-riding apparel brands are improving their workflows with Delogue PLM, joining a stable already consisting of El Dorado and Kingsland.


German operator ea.St, (equestrian athletic Sport technologies) is an innovator in the area of comfortable sitting with creations such as REGGINGS® – "the world's most comfortable riding pants".


Mustang Sportswear from Denmark are a brand new equestrian clothing brand that focuses on wearable fashion for the female equestrian rider. They specialize in everything you need for Arabian show horses and training equipment.


Brands of Q from the Netherlands have everything you need for horse riders and your horse. Since 2005 they have been making the equestrian world more colorful and stylish.


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