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Les Deux Partners with Delogue PLM to Streamline Working Processes

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Les Deux, the Copenhagen-based fashion brand renowned for merging preppy style with street fashion since its inception in 2011. "We are bringing Delogue on board to simplify the working process of our production and design team. Working within a unified system is a game-changer that will undoubtedly make their lives easier. - Ole Kølby, Head of Operations at Les Deux.  

This collaboration signifies a strategic move for Les Deux, aiming to optimize its operational efficiency and embrace technological advancements. By integrating Delogue's PLM system, Les Deux sets a new standard in innovation, underscoring its commitment to sustainability and efficiency.


Les Deux, is a vanguard Danish casual menswear brand, that has continuously grown since it was founded. In past years Les Deux has grown into becoming a powerhouse international brand, with a captivating identity and an impressive global reach. The Les Deux brand is a bustling hive of activity, with over 100 passionate individuals dedicated to the constant development and growth of the company. But with the constant growth, the operation has also become more complex pushing to the need to implement a solution to streamline processes in product development. 


This strategic move is aimed at mitigating the risks associated with traditional product data management, notably the error-prone reliance on Excel. Kølby highlighted.

“Managing product details in Excel is often error-prone as you must keep up some form of version control, ensuring that everyone works in the same and most updated documents.”

Ole Kølby, Head of Operations

Les Deux's initiative, through the adoption of Delogue, aims to cultivate an optimal working environment specifically designed for its Production and Design team.

The core objective behind integrating Delogue into their operations is to build a tailored space that not only simplifies data management but also enhances the overall efficiency and creativity of the team.


By doing so, Les Deux envisions a workspace where innovation is fostered, collaboration is seamless, and the workflow is uninterrupted, allowing the team to focus on delivering exceptional designs with precision and ease.

Excel becoming unsustainable with EU's textile legislation

Delogue's role in Les Deux's ecosystem will not only help streamline today's work process but will also work as a central data hub for collecting all the data required to stay competitive with the implementation of EU's textile legislation. 
"Maintaining our status quo and continuing to work with Excel is no longer viable, not least due to our growth, the new ESG requirements, and our future recruitment needs. We need a robust tech stack to maintain our scalability, and Delogue’s integration with our existing ERP system will make that implementation smoother."

"In our search for a PLM system, Delogue stood out as well-established in the design industry. Delogue's commitment to aligning with new ESG legislation resonated with the mission of Les Deux to enhance sustainable practices in the fashion industry."

The integration of Delogue's PLM software into Les Deux's operations is poised to enhance efficiency and collaboration dramatically.

“Delogue is the only local PLM that offers integration into our existing ERP system, and we know that Delogue can work with any ERP system. Should we choose to update our tech stack later, we know that we can continue working with Delogue, making it a scalable solution”

Ole Kølby, Head of Operations

The unique value proposition of Delogue: A catalyst for success in the fashion industry

Delogue distinguishes itself in the competitive realm of PLM solutions by offering unique features that specifically cater to the needs of the fashion industry. Among these features are price calculation and external communication tools with suppliers, which Les Deux is eagerly anticipating utilizing. "We are thrilled to start utilizing Delogue's features, particularly their price calculation and external communication tools with suppliers," Kølby expressed.
This partnership is poised to deliver significant advantages for Les Deux, ranging from expediting time-to-market to enhancing product quality and customer satisfaction. Delogue's system provides scalability, security, and streamlined recruitment processes, aligning with industry expectations and boosting Les Deux's operational efficiency. Kølby shared, "Scalability: By centralizing the collection, tracking, and updating of our data, it will become easier for us to grow as a company."
Looking ahead, Delogue's unwavering dedication to innovation and adaptability to evolving market needs promises to drive the fashion industry forward. Kølby advises other companies seeking to upgrade their tech stack, "Acknowledge the resources required to implement a new system... Furthermore, do not overlook the human element; people are at the core, so remain attentive to their needs and implement change management."


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