Revolutionizing Assortment Planning with Delogue PLM Analytics
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Unlocking Fashion Success: Revolutionize Assortment Planning with Delogue PLM Analytics!

The fashion industry is facing significant challenges due to government regulations and retail closures. To navigate this crisis and prepare for the future, it is crucial to analyze past collection performance and make informed decisions for stronger assortment planning.


Delogue PLM Analytics offers a powerful solution to extract valuable insights from your product data, enabling you to optimize your assortment, reduce development time, and improve overall performance. Read on to learn how Delogue PLM Analytics can revolutionize your planning process and drive success in the fashion industry.


Data-driven Assortment Planning


Successful assortment planning relies on analyzing past collection performance. Delogue PLM Analytics provides accurate insights into well-performing products, including sales figures, order amounts, turnover, and supplier performance. By harnessing this data, decision makers can strategically shape future collections, eliminating underperforming styles and reducing costly development time that does not yield profitable results. Delogue PLM Analytics empowers you to make informed decisions based on real-time, data-driven insights.

Comprehensive Style Data Analysis


Delogue PLM Analytics offers a comprehensive set of data analysis tools to evaluate previous collection structures. From season-to-season category performance to cancellation rates of products and categories, you can examine key metrics that impact your assortment planning. Gain valuable insights into price point and margin performance, category-specific margins, and cancellation ratios of colors. By setting up customized views and utilizing pivot tables, Delogue PLM Analytics automates the analysis process, saving time and improving decision-making efficiency.

Accessible and Shareable Insights


Delogue PLM Analytics allows easy access to all your product data, providing deep insights at the style, product group, category, and collection levels. With the ability to drag and drop data into preferred views and export it to Excel, sharing and collaborating becomes effortless. Delogue PLM Analytics empowers your team to make data-driven decisions collaboratively, enhancing transparency and streamlining the assortment planning process.


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