Tatari & Partners streamlines apparel production with Delogue PLM

Streamlining Apparel Production: Tatari's X Delogue PLM

In the competitive world of apparel manufacturing, efficient communication, streamlined workflows, and accurate information are essential for success. Tatari, a renowned apparel supplier specializing in knitted items such as sweatshirts and T-shirts, faced the challenge of managing multiple brands with diverse workflows. Tobias Friedmann, Senior-Partner Tatari & Partner LTD. Textile Factory TR, discusses why the Tatari group continue to champion Delogue PLM to their customers and what a Delogue-less world would look like for Tatari.


Tatari & Partner is one of the largest textile manufacturers in the South of Turkey with more than 30 years of experience in textile production. Originally the Company was founded by Hussam and Jihad Tatari in Aleppo (Syria), and developed meanwhile well-established trade relationships with Italian and German customers. Later – in 2011, the Company moved to the city of Kahramanmaras – a major centre of Turkish textile industries.

Together with the support of their German and Italian Partners, Tobias Friedmann and Massimo Burdo, developed a modern production plants in Kahramanmaras where the Company currently operates - comprising over 12.000 square meters of newly equipped capacities for cutting, printing, embroidery, and sewing. With 855 employees and a monthly capacity of around 840,000 pcs.


Old Systems: Roadblock to Efficiency

Tatari understood the risks associated with relying on outdated systems. Without a reliable PLM system like Delogue, accessing information, coordinating with customers, and managing production became time-consuming and prone to errors. The absence of a standardized workflow for brands meant additional effort and increased the likelihood of losing crucial information along the way. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, Tatari implemented Delogue. They soon realized that it brought remarkable improvements to their operations. By adopting a PLM system, the company experienced a significant reduction in extra work and mitigated the risk of information loss. The standardized workflow offered by Delogue ensured consistency across all brands, eliminating the need to navigate different processes for each customer.


Transparent Communication and Information Sharing

One of the key advantages Delogue offered Tatari was transparent communication with their customers kept close to the products. All information, including artwork, prints, and changes, resided in one centralized system. With different departments having access to the system, collaboration and information sharing became seamless. The pattern and printing departments could effortlessly access the latest information, ensuring they were always working with the most up-to-date assets. This eliminated the costly mistakes that had occurred prior to working with Delogue, when outdated versions were mistakenly used.

Tatari initially faced concerns from their workers, as change often brings a sense of apprehension. However, those worries quickly dissipated. After just a few weeks, the merchandisers at Tatari returned with positive feedback. They found the new system easy to handle and were delighted by the streamlined workflow and centralized information. Tatari realized that Delogue was not only a useful tool for their work but also a valuable solution for the entire industry.

Tatari streamlines apparel production with Delogue PLM

Recommendation: Delogue's Proven Excellence

With over 60% of Tatari's customers already utilizing Delogue, the company confidently recommends it as a PLM system. Seeing their major customers satisfied with the system and receiving positive feedback from their own merchandisers, Tatari is convinced of the platform's efficiency and effectiveness. The standardized workflow for all brands has made the process much easier for Tatari, enabling them to deliver exceptional products and services consistently.


By adopting Delogue, Tatari transformed their apparel manufacturing operations. The implementation of this PLM system brought transparency, efficiency, and standardization to their workflows, resulting in smoother communication with customers and accurate information sharing across departments. Tatari's success story stands as a testament to the power of embracing innovative solutions in the fashion industry, ensuring competitiveness and customer satisfaction in an ever-evolving marketplace.

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