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Talking Sustainability – and we all do a lot of talking – is no longer just a feel-good project that can be done by the development team when time allows. We need to allocate dedicated professionals who focus on this or find time in the existing team. It´s a movement and it grows by the minute.


The demand for transparency and documentation from the resellers and ultimately from the end users has increased significantly.

If a company hasn't focused on collecting the information as they developed their products, they need to do a massive manual work, when the requested information needs to be supplied to the customer. And we now see that this is as early as the pre-ordering stage or even earlier.
Worst case this means lost turnover and massive internal resource allocation in case a brand can´t meet the requested documentation.

SPEND resources WISELY

At Delogue we aim to support that the resources are spent wisely. By structuring the product data and administration, valuable resources in product development can be spent developing sustainability and supplier relations. By organizing all product information and workflows it is easy to ensure documentation is handled, stored and shared when demanded.

Sustainability combines all elements across everything we do. Restoring our planet isn't something we do single handedly, but if we all do small changes, the sum of changes will have a huge impact.


This is why Delogue sponsored the Sustainable Fashion Forum in London on the18th of June 2019. A collaborative event on how the future sustainable business models could be developed. Here are some of the headlines from the event:

  • You are not a drop – you are a very long lifetime – you have an impact
  • Every brand is at least thinking about it – IT IS NOW we have to change our ways
  • Knowledge and best practice are shared by the big companies and should be open source for everybody
  • Brands have to stop misinforming – get educated and keep to the simple truth, even the smallest progress has value and impact
  • Sustainability is not a time-limited trend, it’s a movement and it is here to stay, so deal with it
  • 71% of UK brands believe there is a likelihood of forced labour in their supply chain
  • Leadership is what leadership does, sustainability is a management challenge
  • Brands have the power to affect the business model of the supplier – and the duty to support it

Thanks to all the fine speakers at the event, look for more information on @ telb2bevents/#trff2019

Delogue will continuously work on embracing this topic and figuring out new smart ways for our users to integrate sustainability into their workflow. Making it a natural part of the daily process, for both brands and suppliers.


We will be happy to hear from you to see if we can create a synergy on embracing sustainability – or if you are just curious to hear how Delogue can support a sustainable workflow.

Drop us a line and we can set up a call.