Guide to 3D Fashion Software
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What is 3D Fashion Software? The Complete Guide

3D is the biggest trend in the fashion industry, with sustainability and digitalisation. There is a lot of talk about it, but how does one answer the question:

"What is 3D fashion software?"


As a whole, 3D creates a faster and more practical approach to fashion design. It can be found in three areas of the product development process.

3D Fashion Design

Being able to design in a 3D fashion software is an in-demand skill for fashion designers. 3D gives them the chance to correct design inaccuracies on the go, edit and alter a garment in 60% less time and try it all on virtual avatars, reducing waste from pattern-cutting and fittings. The use of 3D fabric allows designers to adjust lengths and finishes on the go and gives them more space to be creative without sacrificing conscious practices.

Virtual Sampling in Product Development

3D Fashion software has been used to reduce the amount of waste and energy generated by the sampling process. In turn, this shortens production times and allows a faster time to market, all by being sustainable! With suppliers being able to see a rendering of the garment in real-time, communication time is also cut in half and collaboration is boosted.

3D Fashion Software in Sales & Marketing

During corona times, many brands have resorted to virtual showrooms and B2B. Even if it was an answer to unprecedented times, it is easy to see it becoming the new industry standard. Operating with 3D fashion software allows brands to produce only the required quantity, save CO2e on flights around the world, and speed up the selling process while reducing costs. As the world moves towards virtual influencers, using 3D in communication is a strategic way to position a brand as a pioneer in the fashion industry.

The Complete Guide to 3D Fashion Software

Now that you know what a 3D fashion software is, it is time to deepen your knowledge!