Beckmann improves supplier collaboration with Delogue PLM

Beckmann gives your child a partner for a lifetime

The school year has restarted and you need to find a backpack for one of your kids, or it’s mid-term and you need a replacement because that very same child broke your bag. Where do you go?

Our customer Beckmann has specialised in designing school bags for children since 1946. Located in Norway, they have developed the perfect bag for your child to serve as their partner in their everyday adventures – focusing on a design that will not only last you for years, but will keep your children’s back protected too.

Functional and engaging design

The motto at Beckmann is “Trusted by parents, loved by children!”
Their main focus lies with the ergonomic design, the quality and the functionality of the bag, but it’s also very important to create “a special magic for children”. That’s why they strive to incorporate enticing patterns, colours, figures and elements that will attract the little ones.


We make backpacks that parents can trust and children will love. We focus both on the parent’s goal – to have high quality, lasting backpacks – and also on making sure the kid will love it and embrace it like a friend – almost like something they will take to bed and say: ‘I really love this product’.

Inger Lise Schou-Nilsen, Design Manager

“We want them to feel safe with it. That's why we also invest a good part of the process in perfecting the exterior design and the colour.”


Inger has been using Delogue PLM for half the three years she has been at the company – ever since they incorporated it into the company. In her previous job as a designer, she’d already experienced PLM software, but didn’t really feel it was the right fit.


“I had tried using a PLM before Beckmann, but it was so complicated, and we didn't go through with it. But a contact of ours who was already using Delogue highly recommended it, and so we decided to give it a try. The set-up was very smooth after that,” she recalls.

Finding a balance in design and sustainability

Beckmann has a high focus on sustainability and accordingly uses a lot of recycled materials in their bags, working on all levels of the value chain with FairWear Foundation – an organization that promotes workers’ rights – to make their products more ethically.


Part of working towards these goals comes intertwined with how Delogue helps them to maintain transparency with their suppliers across the whole development process.


"It provides much more of an overview, and collaboration with the team is better. We are mainly using it for the design and the set-up of all the sketches – and most importantly using it to keep a dialogue with our suppliers instead of emailing them. Now, we don't jump into each other's projects and it's easier to stay aligned and in communication across all levels,” explains Inger.


“Before questions would rise such as: “Who sent the latest sketch?” and “What kind of sketch is the last one the suppliers have?” Now you can easily find this information on the platform and you don't need to email back and forth asking all these questions and wasting time."


“It was an email nightmare.”

Communicating with suppliers in their language

Beckmann sells their bags in over 25 countries around the world. While Norway is the biggest market, it also has a presence in China, Denmark and Austria, to name a few. Their suppliers are mainly in China.


One of the biggest benefits, recalls Inger, which was key at the time they opted for Delogue, was how Delogue comes with a manual in Chinese that helped Beckmann to navigate the onboarding with their suppliers very easily.

At this stage, we are very happy with it. We’ve found our communication with Delogue’s team and the follow-up process to be very good. And what was particularly great was that you have the Chinese manual, and that helped our suppliers a lot as they were able to work using their language.

Inger Lise Schou-Nilsen, Design Manager