Delogue PLM enables growth for Happy Socks

Happy Socks keeps the fun and creativity alive while expanding their business

Happy Socks was founded in Sweden in 2008 by Mikael Söderlindh and Viktor Tell, with the vision of spreading happiness by turning everyday essentials into small pieces of colorful design. One of the most significant features of Happy Socks is the various collaborations with artists, designers, and influencers, who help make each collection unique and special.


As Happy Socks transformed into a global brand, it struggled to maintain its signature playful and creative approach to design. A need to keep on top of an ever-growing product portfolio in a fast-paced environment made them turn to Delogue PLM to keep track of admin tasks while leaving space for creativity.

The challenge of being creative in a growing company

Happy Socks enjoyed massive popularity from the early beginning, so it quickly learned that structure was critical to establish an environment of playfulness and creativity along with growing its business. However, with an expanding design and production team and extensive supplier and stakeholder communication, it became difficult to maintain the necessary structure and overview. Managing tasks and keeping track of product data, prices, and orders became a substantial challenge.


Per-Olof Markström, System Manager at Happy Socks, shares the benefits he witnessed by implementing Delogue PLM's Cloud-based solution. 

Delogue has enabled us to keep on growing by providing structure in our processes without compromising our need to be playful and creative. With Delogue as a single source of truth with regards to production and product information, we can streamline workflows and keep on creating high-quality products without any loss of growth.

Per-Olof Markström, System Manager at Happy Socks

Streamline data collection and processes from concept to production

Happy Socks streamlined their data by collecting all product information in Delogue PLM and connecting all stakeholders to the platform. Stakeholders can access complete product data and work with the latest changes. Happy Socks' work processes are now structured, using Delogue PLM for product development workflows, task management, and collaboration. The brand can increase productivity and stay creative, focusing on developing innovative products.

Keep your collaborators close

Delogue PLM helps Happy Socks coordinate production with their many collaborators. It enables efficient communication in product development, creating value and decreasing time to market. Markström mentions this when elaborating on how Happy Socks works with multiple suppliers while ensuring high-quality production: 


During product development, we are working proactively with systematic quality processes. We are also conducting on-site inspections at the factories for every major production batch, and all collaborators involved in the production process have access to Delogue. They use Delogue to add new styles and utilize the information when communicating internally and externally. We are also looking to include our suppliers directly in Delogue PLM to simplify communication and improve efficiency.

Per-Olof Markström, System Manager at Happy Socks

Delogue PLM helped Happy Socks meet their challenges by providing structure and streamlining processes in its growing global organization.


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