House of Saki

Why House of Saki Opted for a Delogue PLM to Elevate Supplier Collaboration

House of Saki, a renowned Swedish fashion brand, recently transitioned to Delogue as their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system of choice. This strategic shift coincided with an upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to TRIMIT's fashion ERP solution, based on Business Central (BC). 


Specializing in commercially priced high-quality durable/long-lasting outerwear, House of Saki manages three distinguished brands: SAKI Sweden, ROCKANDBLUE, and Stand Studio. The need to streamline operations and improve supplier relations prompted them to upgrade their software infrastructure by implementing BC and Delogue.


Maria Brorsson, House of Saki's Buying Director, explains the transition: "We previously worked in Navision where we had many custom solutions. However, migrating these solutions to Business Central was not feasible. We had to start afresh, creating an opportunity for re-designing our product development processes."

Collaboration as a Cornerstone

Choosing the right PLM was pivotal, and after careful consideration, Delogue PLM emerged as the optimal choice because of its supplier collaboration features. Fortunately, TRIMIT’s ERP integrates seamlessly with Delogue PLM, ensuring data-  flow between product development and other departments. 

“We specifically chose Delogue because it is tailored for the fashion industry, offering the crucial supplier access, and is proven in the industry, ensuring reliable support.”

Maria Brorsson, Buying Director, House of Saki

Centralizing communication with suppliers was a key factor in their decision. While most PLM solutions can manage samples and item lists adequately, Delogue’s integrated communication tool simplifies the management of agreements and collaborations, making the entire process more efficient.

Seamless Integration with TRIMIT for Enhanced Workflows

The integration of Delogue with TRIMIT was implemented by Adbriq using their Bisting connector. Integrating the two solutions quickly streamlined House of Saki’s workflows, eliminating the redundancy of large spreadsheets, isolated files, and time-consuming data maintenance tasks.

“Everything we do starts in Delogue. All our workflows, item lists, and even communications with suppliers are managed here. This integrated approach ensures that all changes are automatically updated, maintaining consistency across systems and eliminating duplicated efforts.”

Maria Brorsson, Buying Director, House of Saki

The integration ensures that any update in Delogue is automatically reflected in TRIMIT as well. Centralizing all information saves House of Saki considerable time on manual updates and keeps everyone informed about the latest changes and modifications.

Empowering Collaboration, Accessibility, and Easy Reporting

Working side by side, Delogue and TRIMIT have significantly improved collaboration across various teams within House of Saki. Adapting to new ways of working with suppliers required a brief adjustment period but also notably reduced errors.

“Before Delogue, we managed our many sample orders through emails, Excel sheets, or from memory. Now, making a sample request is much easier for everyone on the platform. Everyone can see where we are in the process, and what the next step is, and they can extract all the necessary information.”

Maria Brorsson, Buying Director, House of Saki

This new method proved its worth when House of Saki had to introduce new styles to an existing collection quickly. "In our Rockandblue Autumn/Winter collection, we introduced a new down jacket, the Camila Coat, which became an immediate best-seller. Initially available in three colors, the high demand led us to expand production to seven colors. Delogue played a crucial role in managing the add-ons swiftly, enhancing our communication with the supplier,” says Brorsson.

Future Outlook

Integrating Delogue and TRIMIT was a strategic decision for House of Saki. "I know that Excel works fine for many brands, but it doesn't allow you to map an entire collection, communicate with suppliers, or gain a comprehensive overview of your work. Delogue has cleared a lot of headspace, allowing us to focus on what’s important. Once you get used to Delogue, you don’t want to go back," concludes Brorsson.

By adopting Delogue, House of Saki has positioned itself for future growth and success. Knowing that everything is logged, tracked, and centralized makes it easier to focus on making the best products for the customers. "Overall, our goal is to produce high-quality fashion at a very commercial price, and Delogue helps us achieve that. I often meet people at networking events who tell me they still own a leather jacket from SAKI from the 90s, which is truly amazing," Brorsson reflects.