Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk boosts operational savings with Delogue PLM

Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk welcomes a streamlined workflow with significant savings!

Imagine a dreamy seaside town on the northern coast of Denmark. Picture vigorous waves, a happy dog in the rain, wet sand. This is the inspiration behind Ilse Jacobsen, a brand founded in Hornbæk in 1993.


Ilse Jacobsen focuses on delivering sophisticated rainwear, womenswear, footwear, and accessories to accompany its customer in their daily adventures. Existing where the balance between functionality and style lies, Ilse Jacobsen is the brand for women who love to enjoy life.


But every idyll is bound to end. Being quality-led can be challenging when competing in a fast-paced environment like the fashion industry. Ilse Jacobsen decided to turn to Delogue to optimize its workflow and bring fun and peace back to the creative process.

Say goodbye to Excel sheets

Keeping an overview and maintaining quality in busy periods is a challenging task when handling countless Excel sheets, documents, comments, and pictures all at once between different teams. Former brand manager Bianca Hegedüs recalls:


We spent hours on inaccurate updates in Excel. Our management rarely had the full picture without involving our complete team of designers, buyers, and production. With Delogue we began being able to feed our sales staff with quick overviews and statuses and streamline our workflow without sacrificing creativity.

Bianca Hegedüs, Former Brand Manager

An easy and fast implementation

Many big companies are wary of bringing in new IT solutions in fear of distancing part of the team. This rings especially true in the fashion industry, where creativity-led professionals collaborate with more structured individuals every day. Finding a solution that is easily understandable for everyone can be challenging.


Hegedüs remembers when Delogue PLM was first introduced in Ilse Jacobsen and how the process went smoother than expected.

We were looking for something fast and with a user-friendly interface that wouldn’t alienate our big team. Delogue became our choice, as it didn’t require us to change any other IT solutions or routines, and we could easily get started. Being able to keep the production simple, organized, and high quality, while still answering to the increasing demand is quite remarkable.

Bianca Hegedüs, Former Brand Manager

The easy and smooth implementation and the structure brought to the team by Delogue PLM allowed Ilse Jacobsen to focus on high quality without losing competitive advantage and let the team go back to the idyll.