Kaibosch achieves higher efficiency with Delogue PLM

More time to design creative eyewear

Of Norwegian heritage, Kaibosh is changing the way people buy and use eyewear. Their high-quality and innovative products follow the Scandinavian aesthetic while staying on top of the latest fashion trends. At Kaibosh, there is a complete commitment to the design process and creating every product from scratch. The designers work closely with sales, marketing, and customer experience teams to deliver a seamless omnichannel shopping experience.


However, every creative environment requires a level of structure, something Kaibosh has found in the flexibility and simplicity of Delogue PLM.

Als norwegische Marke revolutioniert Kaibosh das Brillensegment. 

Getting stuck in the creative process

Creative freedom is a fundamental element to deliver the new and innovative products Kaibosh is known for. The company has always encouraged the designers to be as creative as possible, a necessary approach to maintain the unique brand DNA. However, Kaibosh has been struggling with organizing the design workflow and keeping up with deadlines, lacking a way to streamline their processes from ideation and design to production. Delogue PLM has helped bring structure and boundaries to Kaibosh's creative development without sacrificing innovation and originality.


Former Kaibosh Head of Product Development and Production Mia Aadland Stølen, who witnessed firsthand the company transformation, says:



“In a creative environment where ideas flow freely, Delogue PLM enables us to be organized.”

Mia Aadland Stølen, Former Kaibosh Head of Product Development and Production

Managing multiple collections effortlessly


Delogue PLM now works as the backbone of the design and development department. Kaibosh manages a multitude of styles at once, each with its unique feel and characteristics. What makes the brand loved by its fashion-forward customers can be the nightmare of someone working in product development, shares Stølen.

“When it comes to collection management, Delogue PLM is a crucial tool for us to be able to control and manage multiple collections at the same time.”

Mia Aadland Stølen, Former Kaibosh Head of Product Development and Production

An omnichannel strategy

Mikael Belstrup was Omnichannel Manager at Kaibosh when Delogue PLM was first implemented. He was sold on the list of integrations the platform works seamlessly with. Belstrup appreciated the possibility to import products directly into the ERP system. "The e-commerce shop, shop-in-shop systems, and the POS-systems will use exactly the same data source," confirms Belstrup, referring to Kaibosh's new and improved data flow.


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