Kvadrat uses Delogue PLM to maintain strict CSR policies

Creating the finest design textiles in one platform

Kvadrat means square, but it's not a square, it's so much more. You have probably seen them around in curtains, chairs, rugs, acoustic panels, opera houses, waiting rooms, sofas, airplanes, buses, trains – without you knowing they are behind it all.


Founded in Denmark in 1968 by Poul Byriel and Erling Rasmussen, Kvadrat is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of design textiles. Their origins root in the traditional Scandinavian design: quality and simplicity.


Kvadrat are leaders in innovative design. They make high-performance products and are well-known for their window covering and acoustic solutions for commercial and residential interiors.


To keep on pushing for innovation and keep their high-quality standards, they teamed up with Delogue.

Nurturing CSR policies

Kvadrat has a strong focus on quality products and CSR policies. In this process, suppliers need to report their environmental performance quarterly.


Maintaining strict CSR policies and arranging the logistics with suppliers during the product development process is challenging. Large-scale coordination is usually performed in a variety of Excel sheets, emails, and many systems.


Kvadrat came to the realization they needed a tool to resolve this challenge. One that could keep track of their communication and supplier agreements to leverage premium quality products.


Anne Karsgaard, Product Manager at Kvadrat explains:

We needed a tool that would enable us to overlook the course of action, and see what has been agreed along the way.

Anne Karsgaard, Product Manager at Kvadrat

Having all this data centralized in one platform now enables Kvadrat's CSR department to keep track of every step of the product development process. 

Creating a common language

In Kvadrat’s journey towards eco-friendly and high-quality products, implementing a PLM software was the first step they took to improve traceability and communication practices.


Karsgaard is very positive towards the changes they perceive in their current workflows. They are now able to create a common language with suppliers with defined goals at the beginning of every product journey.


We have reached a common language between suppliers and designers. This enables coordination and internal transparency.

Anne Karsgaard, Product Manager at Kvadrat

Delogue has become part of Kvadrat’s toolbox to make their work more efficient. They have  significantly improved traceability and supplier collaboration, leaving time and energy to focus on making more quality products.


“It’s important to have an ongoing dialogue. Especially when our design process from idea to final product can take up to three years, depending on the product. It is vital to work within a structured frame, and this is what Delogue PLM gives us," concludes Karsgaard.