Delivering high-quality leather products calls for structured data

With continuous growth, the value chain of Royal RepubliQ was becoming more and more complex. In order to support the growing process without losing the ability to keep margins, deliver on time and ensure product quality, Royal RebubliQ had to find a way to streamline workflows and processes.


Realizing the need for a solution to streamline the growing complexity

In the middle of a huge expansion, the challenge of keeping track of the increasing complexity of all the different aspects of the product development simply grew. The complexity evolved to a degree where overviewing every single step of the product journey, from development to end-customer, became a significant daily challenge. Therefore, Royal RepubliQ started to look for tools to get a comprehensive overview of processes and to make sure they would create the best foundation for future growth.


Selecting best of breed for each department

After identifying the need, Royal Republiq implemented a new IT strategy focusing on combining different best of breed IT-solutions to work together as a unified software solution. The strategy consisted of implementing and integrating software solutions specialized in Design and Product development, Warehouse Management System, ERP and Webshop. To streamline design, product development and supplier communication Royal RepubliQ decided to implement Delogue PLM. The decision to use Delogue PLM was primarily based on a deep understanding of the process of product development and a determination from the Delogue PLM team to solve the challenges that Royal RepubliQ was experiencing. After a smooth and easy implementation, Royal RepubliQ had a new-found energy to keep growing as they are now working with real-time data and experience less misunderstandings while supplier communication has also become much easier. Thanks to Delogue PLM, Royal RepubliQ is now able to deliver products in time and embrace the growing process.


“I believe in Delogue PLM, in their insight, competences and the will to make the best PLM solution in the market. Along with the wishes of the other Delogue PLM users, I’m sure the development of the platform will continue – and also take further speed.”

Nicolas Kjaer CEO at Royal RepubliQ

Delogue PLM helped Royal RepubliQ expand its business into an internationally acknowledged brand.  Here’s a run-down of some major benefits to be gained from implementing Delogue PLM to streamline design and product development processes.

About Royal RepubliQ


Royal RepubliQ delivers high-quality leather products in footwear, bags, and accessories. With bases in Amsterdam and Copenhagen, Royal RepubliQ brings together the love and appreciation for leather in products that embrace longevity and personality. The brand focuses on sophisticated craftsmanship and fine materials to design flexible styles which will become a part of today’s nomadic lifestyle.




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