Snocks sustains business growth with Delogue PLM

Eliminating the small mistakes that create big problems - with Delogue PLM

Snocks is a direct-to-consumer underwear brand founded in 2016 by cousins Johannes Schulze Vohren and Felix Bauer. 5 years later, the company generated 34 million in revenue and sold a minority share in 2022 for investment to expand the business into other markets. As a digitally native brand with a cult-like social following, it’s fair to say that Snocks knows exactly what to look for when investing into their own digitalization.



Delogue PLM spoke with Chiara Manns & Sina Hoffman, from Snocks product development team, to discover why the brand chose Delogue as their PLM provider, and how this impacted their goal of becoming ‘the go-to provider for essential fashion basics’.

Aligning product development processes with business growth

Snocks had been working with Excel sheets and design tools to develop their core products and collaborate with suppliers for a few years before deciding to look for a PLM. The process was slow and disconnected, creating challenges that hindered the brand’s ambitious growth projection. As such, Snocks realized that they needed to modernize the way they were working, in the same way that they face the consumer.


Before using Delogue we were using Excel lists and drawing tools. It was a long process to come to the product and we lost a lot of time… We have to see a lot of emails and sometimes people were not on cc and then information got lost for all team members creating a lot of mistakes.

Chiara Manns, Snocks Product Development

'Modern & Flexible': Finding the right PLM

Chiara Manns, the Product Development & Design Team Lead at Snocks, suggested the company adopted a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system to help them manage their day-to-day activities effectively having worked with similar systems in the past. The search for a new solution began - Despite Chiara's past experience with PLM systems, none of them fit-the-bill for Snocks or aligned with Johannes' modern and fresh business outlook.


Together, they decided that the Delogue PLM was the best solution for the product development team; the platform is modern, new and more flexible than the PLM system Chiara had used in the past and it supports areas of the business, in-line with Snocks’ long-term goals.


Delogue improved our day to day business by giving us the freedom to access our product data anytime, from anywhere. It's especially helpful if someone is on holiday or sick. Before we had to check emails which we didn’t have access to so the information was lost. Now, we can just login to our Delogue environment, check the file and see what has been commented, or measured, etc. It's all in one place and that's just very nice.

Sina Hofmann, Snocks Product Development

For Sina, Delogue is the perfect match because of the flexibility it offers her team, as well as the flexibility and ease of working with Delogue. As a PLM, Delogue believes in ‘user generated innovation’ and Sina appreciates having a constant clear line of communication to Delogue where she can submit platform wishes that would better suit her work-flow.


In conclusion, Snocks has found a solution that has helped them manage their day-to-day activities effectively. Delogue's flexibility, easy interaction, and adaptability to Snocks' needs have made the process of onboarding a new IT system, an easy win for them. Snocks no longer uses Excel sheets and design tools to manage their product information; instead, they use Delogue, which has made the process faster and more efficient. Delogue has helped Snocks bring their PLM process to the forefront and improve their product development, product design, and quality management process.


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