UTG streamlines private label production with Delogue PLM
Private Label

Streamlining private label production: UTG's success story

UTG, United Textile Group, is a private label manufacturer of jersey products specialized in design, production and logistics. The company was founded in 1968 and has now a strategic placement in Europe and the East with design teams and regular suppliers all over the world. Their authentic slogan “Fashion in front. People behind” doesn’t lie and reflects the group’s mission to create value and meet customer expectations through unique designs and sustainable production. Fashion is, indeed, a big part of UTG’s inspiration and drive to spot trends, explore new materials and chase potential opportunities.


With private label customers, design teams, factories and suppliers across three continents, keeping track of processes and workflows was a challenge for UTG, United Textile Group. With short delivery times from concept to shelf, geographical distances and cultural differences adding to the complexity of managing the product development.

The growing challenge of keeping track of data and workflows

With a weekly output of more than 1.200 samples, UTG used a lot of resources to keep track of numerous files across many different systems and departments. Managing the many workflows, tasks, deadlines and data got very complicated in the end, which resulted in errors in communication, processes and decreased efficiency. Therefore, UTG began looking for a solution that could structure workflows and data, manage tasks, deadlines and coordinate processes between both internal and external departments.

Choosing a solution that supports and strengthens existing work processes

UTG knew that the solution had to handle the complex high paced operation that UTG was running. It settled on Delogue PLM because of its scalability, high configurability, and fast implementation. UTG CEO Mogens Jensen shares:


Delogue's team quickly showed a deep understanding of the processes and challenges that goes into product development and along with good chemistry the decision was not difficult.

Mogens Jensen, CEO of UTG

Working with different suppliers all around the world, it was important for UTG to implement a platform that could easily be understood and appreciated by the whole team, without alienating anyone. Jensen continues:


We have a strong visual tool that facilitates the communication of our employees across companies and borders – this includes our teams in Denmark, Ukraine, Lithuania, Turkey and Bangladesh. We have great expectations for Delogue. Despite the geographical distances and major cultural differences, our employees can come even closer together, enabling them to optimize the overall workflow of the company’s processes.

Mogens Jensen, CEO of UTG

Better overview, operational savings and improved productivity

With all data collected in one place, workflows and processes streamlined and all stakeholders collaborating in the PLM a valuable overview of the product development was achieved. Operational savings were attained from hours saved, as employees didn't have to enter data into multiple entry points, search for information in emails or Excel sheets, clean up mistakes or prepare reports. All these activities are now handled by Delogue PLM.


On the productivity side, Delogue enabled faster and more informed decisions which affected time-to-market and margins. Delogue PLM acts as a knowledge database where a history of all work is maintained. Knowledge retention is increased, the know-how stays in the company, and teams can keep progressing even if individual members are not available.