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 On-demand webinar  I Duration 55 min. 


Care Label Regulations: 

Enhancing Supplier Collaboration


Watch this exclusive webinar where Marie-Louise Rosholm, Green Transition Expert at Studio MLR, and Anja Padget, Head of ESG at Delogue will advise on navigating current and anticipated new care instruction regulations. 

Ensure compliance: Understand current and anticipated updates to textile labeling regulations and discover why collaborating effectively with suppliers is crucial.

The European Economic and Social Committee (EUØS) underscores the importance of uniform textile labeling across the EU and globally. They support the Commission's strategy to clearly indicate textile origins, care instructions, sizes, and fiber content.

What You'll learn in this webinar:

- Current Care Labeling Rules: What are they?

- Anticipated Regulatory Changes: How are they evolving?

- The Essential Role of Suppliers: How can they shape these changes?

We will also discuss:

- The importance of integrating care label practices early in the design process to ensure the durability and sustainability of textile products.

- Strategies for effectively implementing these practices to enhance product longevity and customer satisfaction. 


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