Price_Calculations in a PLM



 On-demand webinar  I Duration 50 min. 


Unlocking Pricing Excellence: How to manage pricing in Delogue


Tired of juggling supplier prices in Excel sheets and emails? Put an end to prices in Excel sheets.

Let your suppliers input their costs directly in Delogue, and confirm prices effortlessly with Style Custom Reports.
Assess estimated buying costs and SMS expenses, and check your Gross Margin across seasons using Analytics.

In this webinar, you will discover how to manage your prices and costs in Delogue.

In the webinar, we will cover:

Building your price calculation in Admin: Master the essentials of constructing price calculations in ADMIN.

Supplier visibility and editability: Understand what information is visible and editable for your suppliers.

Leveraging price templates:
- Say goodbye to repetitive typing with customizable templates.
- Customize templates for varied freight, duties, mark-ups, and more.

Price point mastery and calculated target price:
- Ensure accuracy in your pricing across diverse currencies.
- Align your target price with your price point
- Enter your price point and see your calculated target cost.

Anticipating future prices: Strategically plan for potential supplier cost increases using the "Future Price" feature.

Price approval workflow: Gain insights into the seamless price approval process.

Pricing and Analytics: Explore tips for using Analytics and see, for example, your Gross Margin across seasons.

Join us for a session that will elevate your pricing strategy.


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