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 On-demand webinar  Duration 45 min


Measurements Charts:
An In-Depth Guide to Using Measurement Charts


In this webinar, you will learn how to achieve sizing system accuracy and consistency by streamlining measurement processes.


  • Stream your points of measure: 
    How to use ADMIN descriptions 

  • How to use the measurement chart:
    Including unified grading steps and Tolerance

  • Unifying your ”How to measure”:
    Optimizing time usage by employing generic "How To Measure" sketches

  • Working with Measurement Templates:
    Creating templates for streamlined measurement charts.

  • Efficient workflow enhancement by import or linking:
    Elevate your workflow efficiency and reliability with measurement chart import or linking 

  • Understanding Advanced Grading:
    An introduction to Advanced Grading. Dive into its practical usage in an upcoming webinar.


Seize the chance to discover time-saving techniques when working with Measurement Charts in Delogue.



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