Digital Product Passport for Fashion



 On-demand webinar  I Duration 55 min. 


From Awareness to Action:
Preparing Your Brand
for DPP Compliance


Watch this exclusive webinar where Alexandra Morge Rochette, Chief Sustainability Officer at Birger Christensen, and Anja Padget, ESG advisor at Delogue will share actionable insights for DPP compliance and more sustainable practices.

What You'll learn in this webinar:

The Digital Product Passport (DPP):
Understand the current legislative status of the DPP.

Proactive Preparation:
What critical actions your brand must undertake now to prepare for the DPP?

Essential Data Points:
What data points are necessary to align with the expected requirements of the DPP?

Leveraging Delogue:
Why the item list in Delogue is pivotal for achieving DPP compliance. 


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