Collaboration in Fashion


Sustainable Threads:
Unlock the power of strong supplier collaboration

How will you respond when major retailers inquire about your due diligence, supplier mapping, or social audit report?


Our exclusive webinar is a must-watch for fashion company owners, designers, fashion technicians, sustainability managers, and other key players in fashion product development.


Understand the significance of supplier collaboration, its link to the upcoming EU legislation, and the digital product pass. Discover the pivotal role of supplier collaboration in shaping the future of fashion, and learn how to transform your strategies for outstanding results.

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What you will get from watching this webinar:

  • Discover ESG milestones:
    Learn how supplier collaboration is the cornerstone in achieving Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) milestones.

  • Actionable strategies:
    Present actionable strategies to cultivate and sustain a robust, mutually beneficial relationship with your suppliers.

  • Understanding challenges:
    Delve into the complexities and challenges of supplier collaboration.

  • Intercultural communication:
    Explore the nuances of intercultural communication and its role in advancing productive collaborations.

  • Impact of Certifications:
    Learn how certifications influence collaborations and why they are crucial yet not sufficient on their own.

  • Role of PLM:
    Explore how Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can enhance your supplier collaboration.

  • Real-World Insights: Panel talk where you gain insights from industry Knowledge Cotton Apparel and sustainability-focused supplier Debella India, who share their experiences and strategies.

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Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to supplier collaboration in the fashion industry. Watch our insightful webinar now and take the first step toward fostering more effective, transparent, and successful partnerships!

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