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FaVa Business Central Integration to Delogue PLM

fAVA Hor guld

FaVa Business Central Integration to Delogue PLM

FaVa is a complete IT solution for the fashion industry


FaVa, the all-encompassing IT solution for the fashion industry, is expertly developed by RelateIT, drawing upon their extensive experience in implementing robust IT solutions tailored to the fashion sector


With a profound understanding of the industry's intricacies and challenges, RelateIT offers FaVa as the cutting-edge solution that seamlessly manages the entire workflow, from design to sales and beyond.


An end-to-end best-of-breed solution  


As a best-of-breed solution, FaVA is meticulously crafted, providing designers and product developers with the flexibility of Delogue PLM and empowering sales teams with the efficiency of Colect

The integration of Delogue and FaVa will let you transfer master data such as:


  • Seasons
  • Collections
  • Style name
  • Category groupings and structure
  • Country of origin
  • Weight

  • Tariff codes
  • Prices
  • Descriptions
  • Misc. product description details
  • Supplier information
  • Certificates

Moreover, FaVa offers the flexibility to integrate with over 1,000 existing add-on solutions available for Business Central, ensuring a customized solution tailored to fashion companies. 

In addition, the integration of Microsoft Power BI offers real-time insights into companies' key figures, allowing complete control over the entire value chain. 


About RelateIT and FaVa


Relate IT has many years of experience in implementing solid IT solutions for the fashion and textile industry. 

Leveraging a wealth of experience in providing robust IT solutions for the fashion and textile sector, RelateIT introduced its industry-tailored solution - FaVa. Designed to streamline and optimize all operational processes, from product development to variant management, and extending through sales and financial management, FaVa is your holistic solution for seamless industry operations. Our commitment to understanding the unique needs of the fashion and textile industry has shaped FaVa into a powerful tool that is equipped to revolutionize the way you do business. Let RelateIT empower your industry journey with FaVa.





For more information about the integration and how to get started:

Visit: RelateIT
Contact: Ina Gaarde

Tlf: +45 21 63 25 26





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