Bundgaard boosts efficiency with Delogue PLM

With continuous growth, knowledge and data management was becoming more and more complex for Bundgaard – and in order to support the growing process without losing the ability to keep margins, deliver on time and ensure product quality, Bundgaard had to find a new way to communicate and handle data internally.

The need for a single source of truth

Along with a growing company comes an increasing number of business trips. This entails increased remote work and more structured ways of working and sharing information to avoid mistakes. Bundgaard had the desire to find a solution that could help employees be more efficient in connection with traveling. Therefore, with a purpose to cut down on time spent on costly meetings of employees updating each other, Bundgaard chose to search for a tool to help them achieve a more efficient approach to knowledge management.

Connecting the office and traveling employees with Delogue PLM

After looking for solutions, Bundgaard chose Delogue PLM as the best tool to support their future growth and the immediate desire to work more efficiently with communication. Delogue PLM works as a single source of truth that employees can access all over the world. For Bundgaard, it enhances efficiency significantly as employees can put their information, samples, pictures and thoughts into Delogue PLM while traveling. Line Lunde Jepsen, designer, points out: “We really felt the value with Delogue PLM the first time we could use it on a business trip, where the follow-up meeting did not demand a whole lot of time when the employees came back home.”

About Bundgaard

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The platform means that we can spend more time with our products. We are not using a lot of time reading heavy documents anymore or having discussions about what our thoughts were about particular materials or product. Instead we handle all this Delogue PLM.

Ulrik Schultz, CEO at Bundgaard

For Bundgaard, Delogue PLM works as the tool to gather all information in one place instead of in different mail inboxes. This brings a united history for all products and makes a better and more efficient working environment in the company.

Delogue PLM benefits

  • Embrace the growing process with better knowledge management
  • Save costs with fewer errors and better supplier communication
  • Eliminate costly workflows in Excel, email and file-sharing platforms
  • Improve time-to-market with streamlined processes and workflows
  • Improve internal communication practices

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