By Green Cotton accelerates sustainability with Delogue PLM

Working with multiple brands require a lot of overview and planning in order to keep track of all the valuable data, connected to each product. Being able to track data is a vital element in the process of being a sustainable and transparent organization like By Green Cotton – an element the company has managed to boost with Delogue PLM.

Recognizing the need for better data and knowledge management

By Green Cotton is planning to develop and establish various brands, where they will stand as, the guarantor of the fact, that the products are certified as entirely organic and eco-friendly. By Green Cotton aims to take a leading role when it comes to transparency and sustainability. In this process, it is vital that they are completely transparent and able to trace every single step in the products lifecycle. Therefore, they looked for solutions that could get all the product information and certifications structured. This is where they came across Delogue PLM and decided to take the next step towards better data and knowledge management.

Organizing documents and certifications to boost sustainability

After a fast and easy implementation, By Green Cotton now uses Delogue PLM to manage the many certificates and documents related to each product. This way, the company easily keeps track of the product journey, which is an essential element in the company philosophy. Not only has Delogue PLM boosted traceability but it has also streamlined the value chain as Sanne Nørgaard, Managing Director explains: “When transferring a season from Delogue PLM to our ERP system, the certifications are already connected with our suppliers which means our products are getting marked with our certifications before we start selling. This makes it easier to follow up on a season and to document which certified products have been purchased and sold.” Working with sustainable sourcing and certification, documentation and traceability are the most important factors for By Green Cotton. Delogue PLM supports when it comes to managing documentation – and opens up for more transparency across the entire value chain.

About By Green Cotton

By Green Cotton is an eco-friendly subsidiary company to Novotex, a Danish textile company established in 1983 by founder Leif Nørgaard. Novotex has since the late 80’s been focusing on sustainability and has gained great recognition using only organic and eco-friendly fabrics and textiles. Currently, by Green Cotton has established Fred’s World by Green Cotton, a children’s clothing company using only 100% organic cotton, and in the fall of 2015 Müsli by Green Cotton was introduced as a series of quality lifestyle garments and children’s clothing.

When transferring a season from Delogue to our ERP system, the certifications are already connected with our suppliers. This makes it easier to follow up on a season and to document which certified products that have been purchased and sold. This way we can make sure that our products are completely traceable.

Sanne Nørgaard, Managing Director at By Green Cotton

After using Delogue PLM in their daily work, By Green Cotton can now skip time-consuming steps, like ensuring that each product is documented with the right certification because this has already been done in the preliminary creation stage Delogue PLM.

Delogue PLM Benefits:

  • Increase productivity with organized data and transparency
  • Save costs with fewer errors and misunderstandings
  • Eliminate costly workflows in Excel, email and file-sharing platforms
  • Increase earnings with streamlined processes and workflows
  • Improve productivity with effective knowledge management

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