Doing price lists has never been this quick!

In today’s product development environment, products and technologies change rapidly. Finding ways to optimize processes are crucial components that directly influence revenue. Improving efficiency and saving valuable time has been an undeniable challenge for Dea Kudibal to ensure an efficient process from development to final product.

Recognizing errors and broken processes

Dea Kudibal has spent too much time and resources on unnecessary errors and inefficient communication, both internally as externally. Especially creating price lists for all the different countries has been a time consuming task. So, looking to make a change in order to streamline processes and be more efficient, they saw the need for a solution to get a more stable and structured approach – this was when they met Delogue PLM and chose to take the next steps towards better workflows and processes.

Efficient workflows after smooth implementation

After a quick and smooth implementation of Delogue PLM, Dea Kudibal has minimized errors and misunderstandings, improved communication and acquired the stability and structure they were looking for. Not only has Delogue PLM improved the internal environment, but also the suppliers have been positive about using the platform, as Gitte Rasmussen, Designer at Dea Kudibal explains: “It is super cool to be able to invite new suppliers to Delogue PLM. You show that you are a serious and professional company” – and showcasing professionalism towards stakeholders is namely a considerable by-product of using Delogue PLM. Michaela, Purchaser at Dea Kudibal, has also experienced a great improvement after implementing Delogue PLM and is very satisfied with the entire solution.

About Dea Kudibal

Founded in 2003, the Danish brand Dea Kudibal is synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship, details, playful colors, and affordable prices, expressed through exclusive scarves, shawls, and clothes. The luxury of the quality, along with the great durability has made the stretch silk an essential part of every collection. Today, the stretch silk quality has become Dea Kudibal's signature. Market Women's apparel, Accessories

"Before Delogue PLM, I used a lot of time making these price lists - now, it takes five minutes and I have three different lists in three different countries. I love it and so do the suppliers. Also, it is really good at showing the value of our input and feedback. We really appreciate this, and this also means that we are more likely to go to Delogue PLM when a problem or wish arise”

Michaela Ritsing, Purchaser at Dea Kudibal.

Dea Kudibal has chosen Delogue PLM as the best platform to support their processes and provide stability and structure within the organization, which has resulted in improved workflows and operational savings.

Delogue PLM benefits

  • Improved time-to-market through stable and structured workflows
  • Operational savings through efficient workflows
  • Less sample errors through improved supplier communication
  • Eliminate costly workflows in Excel, email and file-sharing platforms

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