DEDICATED Customer Story

Digitalization is the key to building a competitive sustainable brand

The world of fashion is moving towards a sustainable revolution, but the transformation is not easy. Even a pioneering brand like DEDICATED, which has been in the eco-friendly game since 2006, has struggled with keeping up. The introduction of a centralized PLM system like Delogue PLM makes for more efficient communication, providing brands that don’t want to harm the planet with the tools to compete with the fast-fashion giants.

DEDICATED to Creativity and Sustainability

DEDICATED is a Swedish sustainable and responsible lifestyle brand established in 2006. On a mission to make sustainable fashion more creative and exciting, they collaborate with illustrators, photographers, and artists from all over the world to bring their customers an Earth-friendly option that won’t compromise their style. Focusing on GOTS and Fairtrade certified cotton, GRS recycled polyester, and TENCEL™ Lyocell, DEDICATED helps shape a new generation of fashion – one that is fair, responsible, and daring.

Avoiding the Full-Inbox Syndrome

Christina Persson, DEDICATED production and logistics coordinator, handles everything from product development to getting the final pieces delivered to the warehouses. As if that wasn’t enough, her day-to-day used to include hefty email correspondence with suppliers, trying to keep track of multiple styles at a time, and generally having to spend time to ensure nothing got lost in someone’s inbox.

The Full-Inbox Syndrome is a common disorder amongst fashion brands. Managers find themselves having to piece together parts of a conversation from different emails, with the risk of missing important details or mis-communicating with the team and the suppliers.

“Delogue makes it easier to follow up on communications for the different products and is a great tool to not let things get stuck in anyone’s email,” shares Persson, who has daily contact with the suppliers.

“It helps me keep track of styles and stay updated throughout the entire development stage until the product is fully ready for bulk production.”

Delogue creates a history log, a great way to avoid he-said, she-said situations and allow for transparency across the whole company.

“Even though one might not be connected to a particular correspondence, as employees, we can always go in and observe the conversations between each other and the suppliers.”

A More Efficient Workflow

A productive workflow is crucial when competing with fast fashion work practices and handling multiple seasons simultaneously. When working on a multitude of styles at once, the single task of requesting, monitoring, and keeping track of samples can take up whole workdays and lead to frustration and miscommunication.

“I appreciate the plan option in the sample request,” comments Persson. “It is better to send out all proto requests in one collected notification to a supplier rather than 10 individual ones. Especially when requesting pre-production samples which we do for most styles.”

Delogue allows its users to comment on samples and link them to measurement charts to guarantee a sample request overview at all times. “I work with several seasons at a time, so it is critical to quickly get an overview of which stages we are at for the different seasons.”

On top of keeping track of samples, users can update the BOM and connect the information to the B2B system and website all in one platform. Delogue also offers a faster way to work on new collections. For example, copying styles from one season to another, which is one of Persson’s favorite time-saving tips.

“Copying and adjusting styles can sometimes be faster than starting a completely new product card every time. That is particularly useful when you have several information levels that are the same.”

Building a Flexible and Digital Company

The past year has seen most people trade their suits for sweatpants and their desks for the kitchen table. Lockdowns have forced companies to embrace remote work, and with it, having access to all data no matter where you are has become essential. Delogue PLM is entirely cloud-based, letting coordinators like Persson access all data anywhere, anytime.

“It also allows us to work simultaneously,” adds Persson. “For example, while I am updating the item list with labels, the design team can add print designs at once.”

Allowing different departments, such as design and production, to work on one product at once, Delogue cuts down work time. Other benefits of implementing a single interactive source of truth include ensuring that everyone is working on the latest version of the style and creating a comprehensive overview for the whole company.


One Size Does Not Fit All

While Persson is an organization and technology devotee, not everyone has the same inclination. Designers are often more interested in being creative than structured, and even in less artistic departments, the introduction of a new PLM system can generate resistance. 

“Delogue is a user-friendly system, and you don’t have to spend too much time learning it to understand the essential functions,” shares the DEDICATED Production Coordinator, referring to Delogue’s low onboarding times. However, Persson is more interested in the customizability of the system. “I like that you can “build” or adjust the system a little bit to our own needs. For us “nerdy people,” it is exciting to have the chance to develop and understand the functions on a deeper level.”