hummel improves transparency in the workplace with Delogue PLM

hummel is growing, and so are the challenges and responsibilities that come with a global brand. During their growth journey, hummel identified a gap between employees and external suppliers due to unclear communication. It became an obstacle for achieving efficiency and working with transparency across all departments.

Recognizing the challenge

Teamwork, quick market reaction, close partnerships, authentic designs, and storytelling are hummel’s goals to create a sustainable business with personality. However, hummel started facing big challenges in their processes to achieve these goals. The communication between colleagues and external suppliers lacked efficiency. They decided it was time to digitize their product development process to streamline the workflow. "To meet customer needs, we made changes and additions throughout the product development flow to improve communication between colleagues and suppliers, which is extremely important," says Sussi Joan Rokkedahl, Product Development Coordinator at hummel.

Bettering communications to improve transparency

By teaming up with Delogue PLM, hummel was able to bridge the gap, making communication with suppliers more efficient and transparent. Implementing Delogue PLM at hummel was a quick and smooth process. hummel had full access to our support team every step of the way. Now, their teams and suppliers are able to collaborate and communicate at all levels—internally and externally. This creates better products and improves transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

About hummel

hummel is a global sports and lifestyle apparel brand founded in 1923 by the German Messmer family. hummel is known from famous football teams like Real Madrid and Tottenhamn Hotspurs. The brand is always on the lookout for new ways to leverage sports with the most commendable causes, such as supporting the associations of Afghanistan and Sierra Leone national football. Market: Apparel, Fashion Shoes, Sportswear

Delogue is an intuitive and easy tool to work with. It is very important for us, but even more important for our suppliers. If the platform is easy for them to use, we ensure that all communication takes place in Delogue and not via emails. This gives us time to take care of the essential parts of the process rather than spending long hours on administrative tasks.”

Sussi Joan Rokkedahl PD Coordinator at hummel.

Delogue PLM helped hummel overcome their challenge. They improved transparency and achieved more efficient workflows across their international departments.

Delogue PLM Benefits for hummel

  • Time-saver: spend less time in admin tasks
  • Cost-saving: fewer errors and misunderstandings
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Effective communication between colleagues
  • Increases productivity

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