More time to design creative eyewear

Every creative environment requires a level of structure – a frequent challenge in creative businesses is to stay organized and make space for creativity to develop new, inspiring products. In order to improve time to market, designers and product developers must stay organized in their creative processes. A challenge that Danish brand Kaibosh has met.

Getting stuck in the creative process

Creative freedom is a key element in Kaibosh’s aim to develop new and innovative products. Therefore, the company has always encouraged the designers to be as creative as possible. An approach that is necessary in order to maintain the unique brand DNA. However, Kaibosh has been struggling with organizing the design process, and keeping up with deadlines in the creative procedure. Therefore, they identified the need to restructure their approach with the aim to provide some boundaries for the designers to organize their processes from ideation and design to production. This is where they came by Delogue PLM and chose to take the next step towards a better work environment.

Organizing workflows with Delogue PLM

After a smooth implementation, Delogue PLM now works as the backbone of Kaibosh’s design- and development department: “When it comes to collection management, the platform is a crucial tool for us to be able to control and manage multiple collections at the same time” – says Mia Aadland Stølen, Product Developer at Kaibosh. Also, Mikael Belstrup, Omni-channel Manager at Kaibosh told us that they will be importing products from Delogue PLM into the ERP-system, so the products are automatically synced. This means they only need to create a product once which reduces the amount of time spent on data entry. Basically, the e-commerce shop, shop-in-shop systems, and the POS-systems will use exactly the same data source. This way, Delogue PLM has not only helped organize the designers’ creative process, but also to streamline the data flow between the different systems in the organization.

About Kaibosh

Norwegian brand, Kaibosh is changing the way people buy and use eyewear. Their products are characterized by high-quality, innovate and bold Scandinavian design while staying on top of the latest fashion trends of eyewear. Kaibosh is fully committed to the design process and they create every single product from scratch. The designers work closely together with sales, marketing, and customer experience teams in order to deliver a seamless omni-channel shopping experience. Market Eyewear

In a creative environment where ideas flow freely, Delogue PLM enables us to be organized.

Mia Aadland Stølen, Product Developer at Kaibosh.

After implementing Delogue PLM, Kaibosh has gained an organized approach to creativity and improved dataflows. Now, they can accelerate product innovation and keep making unique designs.

Delogue PLM benefits

  • Better working environment with organized employees
  • Eliminate costly workflows in Excel, email and file-sharing platforms
  • Improve time-to-market with streamlined processes and workflows
  • Save costs with fewer errors and better supplier communication
  • Improved organizational vision with streamlined departments

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