Lillelam uses Delogue PLM to create transparency in the supply chain

With new collections introduced several times a year, Lillelams product development must run rapidly which makes it demanding not to compromise on product quality. Advanced quality wool is a crucial part of Lillelams brand – and telling the story to retailers and the end-customers about the wool and the know-how that goes into creating every single style is complicated but essential to the brand. Therefore, Lillelam has made transparency key in delivering the product stories to the retailers and end-customers.

A challenge to handle product specification and certifications

Lillelam’s fine products are tested and certified to ensure that they shape the highest quality merino wool on the market. In their certification list, we find Oeko-tex, Woolmark, NICE (Nordic Initiative Clean & Ethical) and Mulesing. Along with the use of complex techniques and extraordinary materials, the company found difficulties with handling all the product information under each style and communicating it to external stakeholders. Product data was handled in excel files and communication was mainly done in emails which made it difficult to keep data up to date and track down, for instance, different versions of MMT's in a huge amount of emails. This workflow made it more challenging to deliver the correct information and staying transparent towards retailers and end-customers. Therefore, Lillelam began looking for a solution that could manage all product specifications, certificates, streamline workflows, manage knowledge and maintain transparency towards retailers and end-customers.

Storytelling through transparency and traceability

After recognizing the need to find a solution, Lillelam went looking for a solution that could structure and streamline their work processes. With Delogue PLM they found a solution that could not only collect all product data and create the structure they needed, it also became the place where all product communication was done. In this way, all information is gathered in one place where it is traceable and transparent to all stakeholders. By streamlining workflows, having data structured and managed in one place Delogue PLM enables Lillelam to become completely transparent in the information and product stories distributed to retail and end-customers.

About Lillelam

The Norwegian company was established in 2004, with a concept based on the latest technology that makes garments washable without a scratch or shrink – the so-called “superwash wool”. Lillelam guarantees the best quality of merino wool providing wonderful softness and a unique wear resistance of all pieces. All the production is carefully selected with focus on quality and sustainability. Industry Apparel, Accessories, Kids

“As our team and business are growing, we needed to get our information in order. There was just too many excel files placed on different servers, too many different versions of MMT’s and a huge amount of emails to go through in order to find answers. When we heard about Delogue PLM, we saw that it would help us with our challenges – there are so many options and details to gather under the same style, which is wonderful.”

Mona Gangnæs Designer & Production Manager

More productive workdays

Lillelam is not only excited to use Delogue PLM as a tool for their product specifications but they are also experiencing more effective workdays with fewer misunderstandings and more time for value-creating tasks because of less administrative work. Delogue PLM works as a collaborative knowledge management platform. Where it becomes easier for colleagues to step in when someone is out of office, and they have experienced better communication and collaboration with suppliers.

Delogue PLM helped LilleLam to create transparency and streamline processes in their growing organization. Here’s a run-down of some major benefits to be gained from implementing Delogue PLM in a kids fashion company.

Delogue PLM Benefits

  • Increase productivity with structured data and transparency
  • Save costs with fewer errors and misunderstandings
  • Eliminate costly workflows in Excel, email and file-sharing platforms
  • Increase earnings with streamlined processes and workflows
  • Improve productivity with effective knowledge management

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